Whatever Wednesdays: A Recipe

Annnd I'm back to working overtime for the week and the thought of blogging a delicious recipe was too much to think about.  I seriously contemplated taking pictures of myself going through the drive thru.  Buuut I made some soup the other night that was actually delightful and I had left overs so I'm going to not quite blow off this post, but also not put a whole lot of effort into it.

It's a fantastic recipe for Cream of Broccoli soup I got off Pinterest.  I LOVE cream of broccoli, but every time I try to buy the mix from the store, it's always "cheddar broccoli" or something which is NOT okay.  And I don't do canned soup unless it's tomato, so I've been on the hunt for a made-from-scratch recipe for awhile now.  Well folks, I found it.

Don't mind the blinding lighting in this photo.   I swear it's so yummy.  Here is how ya do it:

6 T of butter
2/3 cups of flour
2 T of more butter
1/4 cup of chopped onion
4 cups of broccoli florets (I just used a bag of frozen ones and sorta chopped em up a bit more once thawed)
6 cups of chicken broth (roughly ((or exactly)) three cans)
3/4 cup of half and half
1 t of salt
1/4 t of pepper

1. in a smallish saucepan on lowish heat, melt the first 6 T of butter, once melted add the flour and stir until its nice and smooth.  Don't brown it though.  Bad juju.

2. in a large-ish saucepan, melt the next 2 T of butter, add the onion and cook until tender.  Then add the florets of broccoli and stir for about six minutes.  I think though, if you use the frozen ones, just nuke in the microwave and then you don't have to stir for six minutes.  That's probably only if you are using the fresh stuff. THEN pour all the chicken broth in the in the large-ish pan and increase the heat until it comes to a boil basically whisking that sucker the whole time.  Once it's all bubbly and stuff, add the butter/flour combo and keep stirring til it's nice and thick and still bubbly.

3.  This bring us to the final steps where you add the salt, peppa and half and half. Mix it all up, and serve hot with salad or a nice summer sandwich.  It's magnificent, I tell you.

and as always, this was the outcome:

so proud. so proud.

I Wasn't Going to Post Today

BECAUSE Blogger's dashboard decided to single me out and not publish any of my posts on the newsfeed these last couple days.  I mean, Friday was the only day a real post was excluded, but I've been trying all weekend to figure out why it wasn't showing up.  But then last night, the post magically appeared and I was so happy my blog wasn't going to be forgotten and die a slow, sad death in the dusty corners of the internet. So let's see if it works this time even though IT PROBABLY WON'T AND I'M GETTING SO FRUSTRATED. If any of you have ever had this problem, tell me how you fixed it.

Though, I was relieved a bit when I didn't think I would have to post because nothing of interest happened over the weekend.  It rained the whole time.  And I stayed inside basically 48 hours straight. No one is complaining though.  Especially my hair.  We went to Wolverine Friday night and I actually did my hair for once, and I could see how badly all this chlorine has been affecting it.  So maybe a weekend away from the pool was a good thing.

Another good thing about staying inside was that I got to hang out with my baby dog.  I had to seriously exercise some personal control to only upload two photos of him to instagram on Saturday, even though I took like, a million.  And now I'm rewarding myself by putting up more on this post.

I. Love. That. Animal.
I'd rather hang out with him than most humans. True Story.
Hope you all had a great weekend.  Though I know it probably wasn't as good as getting to hang out with the smiliest, photo-bombing, dog-bearding, turtle-watching k-9 with the longest eyelashes in the entire animal kingdom...

I Can Ride My Bike with No Handle Bars

I accomplished a lot yesterday.  I got all caught up on my youtube subscriptions by 4:00 and then decided to go on a bike ride. During the hottest time of the day.  And I'm all, "It's no big deal, I won't be gone long." 12 miles and an hour and a half later, I'm half way up the canyon collapsed under the shade of a tree wondering what then hell I'd done. It was 5:30 and still 99 degrees outside and I was far from home.

Don't let that smile fool you.  I'm fighting back tears. JUST KIDDING. Yeah, it was flippin' hot, but I had so much fun.  I love riding my bike.  And I felt great by the time I got home.  AND it was gorgeous outside yesterday.

And that is how I felt riding yesterday: FREE. and very, very hot.  I took Landon to dinner after my little jaunt across the state, and on our way home, the most beautiful sunset went into action, so he took me up to Squaw Peak (local make out point) to watch the colors paint themselves into twilight.

The view from the top of the stone wall was breathtaking.  But my view was even better.

can you tell I got a new photo editing app? I was having all sorts of fun with it last night.
You guys have a great weekend.  Go do something fun.  I'll be working, so snap chat me if you feel like it.  I could use a little entertainment whilst burning asphalt.

Pioneer Day

It was Pioneer Day here in ol' Utah yesterday. Everyone got the day off work and had no plans whatsoever except to be poolside all day.  And that's what we did.  I took no photos, or videos because I feel like that is all I talk about anymore.  And I'm bored with me. sooo....yep. that's it. Got sunburned and was lulled to sleep by fireworks at 11 pm.  That sounds like the best day off ever to me.

oh and hey, just think, in 16 weeks the snow will be flyin.

Whatever Wednesday: What Do You Spend Too Much Time Doing?

You want to know what I spend too much time doing?  It's a sad, sad truth, but an activity that consumes probably AT LEAST 3% of my evenings?  Looking for this bad boy.

The freaking remote to our Apple TV of which we stream our Netflix through.  The sneaky bastard likes to melt into a worm hole that is hidden somewhere in our blankets.  At the end of an episode, even if you leave it in your hand through the whole thing, without a doubt, it's gone.  And we have to uproot the entire bed and all of the bedding, flipping it around like the olden days when washers and dryers didn't exist.  Hoping and praying that the sleek, little control will fly out of the folds and smash against the wall so we can hear where it lands.

I need a retractable zip line that will tear this fiend from it's parallel universe that it so clearly prefers.

What do you spend too much time doing? Type her up and drop the link over at Shay's.


Here is another "Lately" post that seems to be going around Blogland for those who don't have a lot going on.  Basically my life consists of work and swimming. And I feel like that's all I talk about.  So here is what else is going on during my day to day life.

Awkward season three.  I am late to this show, but I love it.  Too much.
Parks and Recreation season 4. I'm Ron Swanson's biggest fan.
Daily Grace on youtube.
Also, new to a youtuber called Conner Franta.  He's just so cute I want to put him in my pocket.

Sara Bareilles' new album, The Blessed Unrest.  That woman has the voice of an angel.

Y'all's blogs.  I need a new book too.

Final Cut Pro X for video editing. No one knew that software started out at $300...I'll have to stick with iMovie for now. #firstworldproblems
a haircut. Bangs are out(clap)of(clap)con(clap)trol.

annnnd that is literally it. all I got for you. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Baseball and a lot of Pointless Footage

You guys. I'm feeling A THOUSAND times better this week.  Last week is just done. We kicked off the weekend going to the Salt Lake Bees game, which also happened to be the 20th reunion of The Sandlot.  A bunch of the actors were there signing stuff.  I've seen that movie once or twice, but I'm not like a die hard over that one, so I didn't stand in the line that wrapped around the diamond to get a photo op, but I was impressed that a few of them look EXACTLY the same as they did in that movie.
spent the ENTIRE morning, noon, afternoon, sunset AND moonrise in the pool.  And even though my skin is a crispy tan and despite my repeated applications of sunblock, I think I still managed to get sunburned.

oh, and also, we decided to break out Skyler's new Go Pro in the water and only got a few minutes of footage before the battery died.  So we made the lamest music video with what we had.


Can I just say, I am SO glad it's Friday?  I've been in a funk all week.  The forecast for the weekend is triple digits with NO chance of rain. So starting tonight, I'm putting on my swimming suit and not changing out of it til Sunday night.  It's time for some Grade A Prime Cut Relaxation.

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

p.s. thank you all for your kind words on Whatever Wednesday.  That seemed to be my worst day this week, and as always, you guys were there to turn that frown UPSIDE DOWN. I honestly don't know what I'd do without you.

Throwback to Last Week.

So I didn't give you guys the recap on the whole birthday shindig that went down last weekend.  I felt like it involved gathering a lot of photos and I just haven't felt like it. I DO WHAT I WANT.  But, it was such a good time, might as well document it for future generations.  So here it is, thrown' it back to last Saturday...

First of all, my whole family left me here by myself in Utah on my birthday which meant if I wanted a party, I'd have to plan it myself.  So I sent out a mass text the day before telling of my spur of the moment B-Day partay.  Most couldn't make it, but the ones that did are my go-to partiers.

Landon started the day off by taking me to my favorite breakfast joint for all you can eat pancakes with the world's best syrup.  We packed ourselves full before we headed up to the house.  We didn't wait for the party to start before we jumped in the pool.  Shadow made an entrance by viciously attacking my in-laws off the diving board.  The pictures are to die for.

He is the sweetest dog ever OUTSIDE of the water.  But no one knows why he turns into a wild animal when the pool is involved.  At first,  I thought maybe he was trying to save us, but I think it's just that he's a douche.

The party showed up around 4:30 and we swam til it was dark. ALSO, my freaking sister came home from Tonga on my birthday and I made sure I got her up to the pool with me.  I missed that kid so much.  Having her home with me was probably the best present I got.

Ok, maybe she ties for first with this guy...

23 feels good so far. The only sucky part is I can't sing along with T-Swift's 22 anymore.
ahh adulthood....

Whatever Wednesday: My Biggest Heartbreak

Uggghhhh.  Heartbreak is my LEAST favorite topic.  Especially on this blog.  It's not that I don't trust you guys, I just don't really trust....the internet.  I spent the last couple days thinking of a heartbreak in my life, or at least trying to choose just one that I could expound upon.  And to be honest, I don't really remember a time when I wasn't battling a broken heart.

And the heartbreak that I'm caught up in right now?  The one that sent me on a hiatus and still sometimes brings tears to my eyes while I'm at work and getting lost in thought?  That's the one that I'm too scared to talk about here.  I can't bring myself to open up and be so vulnerable on such an open forum.  I'm trying to be brave for everyone.  Something I've done since that night when I was 15 years old when my world came crashing down on me.  And when my mom left my bedroom after asking me a hundred times if I was "okay" or if I wanted to "talk about it" and all I could do was stare at the wall and shake my head until she left and the tears came spilling over.  I was consumed in feelings of abandonment and rejection, fear of how we were going to be ok.  I was lost in a moment of a hatred that terrified me.  I never felt my heart burn that way before, and I haven't since.

And in the blink of an eye, I felt it break inside me.

I clung to my stuffed giraffe for dear life as tears poured down my face.  I gasped for air while trying to keep my sobs as quiet as possible.  I was suffocating.

It took months for me to experience forgiveness.  But eventually I did.  And all together, the pain ceased and life went back on track.  But there are times, when the stitches in my heart come loose.  And it seems now more than ever that I'm afraid of them coming completely undone.

if y'all feel like making yourselves cry while writing a blog post, head on over to Alissa's and leave your link there.

For my Birthday

Tomorrow is my birthday.  Landon has been trying to come up with ideas of what to get me for weeks now.  But the only thing I wanted this year was a Kitchen Aid mixer.  And my parents took care of that a month ago.  So I tried to come up with a list of things I wanted.

1. To be with my family.  That was all I wanted to do for my birthday buuuut they all happened to be skattered across the globe. So boo.
2. To have a BBQ with my old roommates/friends.  This is in the works, hopefully we can pull it off.
3. Backstage passes to Bruce Springsteen.
4. A giraffe.
5. An entire new season of The Office.
6. A day at the spa.
7. A private jet.
8. Lunch with Emma Watson.
9. to not have to talk about Fantasy Football this season.
10. annnnd last but not least, one of these:

oh yeah.
have a great weekend, guys!

Guess what.

I fell asleep early last night watching Parks and Recreation. (my new favorite show thanks to Kelsey.) And that means a blog post didn't get written. So I was going to type one up this morning at work, but BLOGGER IS REFUSING TO LET ME WRITE ANYTHING. 

And we all know the blogger app is only to be used in an emergency such as this because well, it sucks.

So I leave you with these short sentences and a half sincere apology for the lack of substance in today's post. But really. Is there much substance in anything I write on this blog? Not really. 

And here is a photo of my brother and me getting our faces swapped. That's worth something, right? 

Funny thing is, it still looks like me, just with a mustache.

Let's Hope THAT Never Happens Again.

soooo, last night we went to the shooting range.  I was stoked to release some pent up aggression on a paper Osama Bin Laden zombie, but what really ended up happening was that the shell popped out of the chamber after the shot was fired and landed smack dab in the middle of my boobs.  And for those of you who don't know, those shells are RIDICULOUSLY hot when they first exit the chamber.  I have a legitimate burn that resembles a 3rd nipple.  And maybe it hurt so bad that I yelped out of sheer pain and made such a scene trying to get it out of my bra that everyone in the shooting range was staring at me.

worst experience at the range. ever.

And if that happens when I'm actually trying to defend myself?

pff. I'm screwed.

We got home and I went to change into my pajamas and the freaking shell fell out of my bra.
I stared at it on the ground, mocking me, shook my fist and walked away like a true gentleman.

Typical Night with the Borders

I spent the night up and the rent's house again last night.  Got to do some more horse riding.  I trotted the whole time. AKA someone sign me up for the next rodeo. fo. real.

I wish you guys could come hang out with my family and me for a day. Or even just a couple hours.  Because the Border Clan is just a ball of fun. Maybe you wouldn't find us as funny as we do though.
Who am I kidding. Of course you would.

I was laughing at things my mom and brother were saying and doing and I was trying to remember them throughout the night so I could share with you.

Like yesterday afternoon when we were about to saddle up and my mom went to use the port o'potty and I jammed a stick in the lock so she couldn't get out.  My mom's words were:

"Don't forget I'm your ride home and I'm going to kick you in the face if you don't let me out."

or when our horse instructor was telling us how the Horse Whisperer was told by Hoe Down that he didn't like his name and wanted to be called "Raw Hide."  And regarding the horse she was on whose name is Wilson, my mom was like, "What does Winston want to be called."  And the instructor looked at her for a second and was like, "Wilson."

And then my mom went to get up on her horse, but the saddle wasn't tight enough and it slipped sideways and my mom almost fell on the ground taking the horse with her.

And when my mom was loping on Wilson for the first time and she was across the coral yelling, "Look at me loping! Look at me loping!"  and then her horse decided it wanted to make a turn around a barrel and almost threw her off the front.

AND THEN we finally pulled into our driveway after our lessons and our grass is a little dry due to the drought conditions and she says, "Do you like our grass?"  And I was like, "No."  And she was all, "Why?!" and I was like, "It's dead, Mom."  and she was like, "It's not dead! It's just resting..."

My brother came in a little while later and turned on the news to watch the helicopter crash earlier yesterday.  There was a story about how to properly hitch up a trailer behind your truck and the news caster was interviewing a highway patrolman. They said, "And thank you to Officer Ivy for..." when my brother started singing, "And little lambs eat ivy, a kid'll eat ivy too, wouldn't you?"

I couldn't handle it.
come hang out with us, you guys. I'm serious.

The Time I Got Sunburned 4 Times in a Row

Disclaimer: if you follow me on instagram, you've probably seen all this. 

Four day weekend. That was a straight up gift from the heavens.  Along with afternoon thunderstorms every night.  I hope you all had an awesome 4th of July.  Hope you stayed safe.  We did.  The only close call we had was when Skyler shot his little brother in the face with a Roman Candle.  He was pointing it at the ground and it bounced right back up and got the little guy right between the eyes.  Once it was established that he was ok, I don't think I have seen Sky laugh harder in the entire time I've known him.

The day of the 4th, we literally spent every second of it poolside.  With the dog and the rubber duck.

video video
And I personally dedicated the day to welcoming back some desperately needed tan skin.  I was a tad enthusiastic unfortunately and came out a little crispier than intended.  I was able to salvage myself thanks to the aloe plant growing in the window.

The 5th was spent up at Pineview Dam with my mom's side of the family.  They were up there the whole weekend, but being married and all, time had to be divided between the families.  You know how it goes.  Landon had to work that day, which sucked for him because we had a blast.
My uncle brought about sixteen kayaks up to the dam and we divided into Team Yellow and Team Blue and played the world's most intense game of Kayak Rugby.  Which I don't know if it was a thing before, but it is now.  We set up two goal posts in this little inlet and threw a little ball in between teammates.  If you had the ball, you weren't allowed to paddle, you could only pass.  We weren't sure at first how it was going to work out, but it the decision to make it into an annual thing was quick.

and we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day.

Of course, this day was known as: the day my sunburn got a sunburn.  I got back up to Heber that night and took more than my fair share of the aloe plant.

And pretty much the rest of the weekend went as follows:
Sleep til eleven
more aloe
play games until one or all falls asleep
rinse and repeat.

Definitely one of thee best weekends yet.
And now a moment of silence for the fallen aloe plant.

Way to take one for the team ol' boy.
How was your 4th

Starting Fires

I sat and pondered for about an hour last night for today's Whatever Wednesday topic, which is, "What Decade Would You Rather Live in?"  Or something like that.  And as I lay in my bed, legs getting progressivly more sore from horse back riding, all I could think of was, "Just not one where a horse is my only mode of transportation."  And I confirm that thought this morning as I can barely walk.


I hope you guys have an awesome 4th tomorrow and enjoying some much needed time off work.  I will be with all forms of family for the rest of the week.  Paddle boarding, kayaking, swimming and anything else that involves me being in water and gettin' tan.

Be safe. Don't start any fires.
Unless you're with Billy Joel, then you're pretty obligated.
We all know he started the fire.

I'm on a Horse.

My little sister is in Tonga for the next couple weeks, which means her horse back riding lessons are going un-used.  AKA I'm taking them.  Annnnd I'm so fast. Don't believe me? Go ahead and watched this completely un-doctored footage.

well that escalated quickly. not.

So, this weekend was spent fighting the heat by spending it in my cold, dark basement.  We also hit up the local water park Saturday morning and vowed on the life of our first born never, ever to do that again. Ever. Because everyone in all of probably Utah Valley and each of their five children were there.

Got a nice base tan, though.  A nice starter for this weekend. Painted my nails. Cut Landon's hair.  Battled the strain of E.coli in our tap water....

annnnd that's about it.

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