Baseball and a lot of Pointless Footage

You guys. I'm feeling A THOUSAND times better this week.  Last week is just done. We kicked off the weekend going to the Salt Lake Bees game, which also happened to be the 20th reunion of The Sandlot.  A bunch of the actors were there signing stuff.  I've seen that movie once or twice, but I'm not like a die hard over that one, so I didn't stand in the line that wrapped around the diamond to get a photo op, but I was impressed that a few of them look EXACTLY the same as they did in that movie.
spent the ENTIRE morning, noon, afternoon, sunset AND moonrise in the pool.  And even though my skin is a crispy tan and despite my repeated applications of sunblock, I think I still managed to get sunburned.

oh, and also, we decided to break out Skyler's new Go Pro in the water and only got a few minutes of footage before the battery died.  So we made the lamest music video with what we had.


  1. Okay, so I normally would start off my comment with something like, "WHITNEY! You've only see The Sandlot a few times?!"

    But, my girl, you HAVE seen I won't harass you! I will say, however, that it's a summer staple for me. That and A League of Their Own. Please tell me you've watched that?

    Side note: I'd poop if I met Smalls from The Sandlot.

    So So So So So jeal of the Go Pro! I want one, but let's face it, I don't do anything fun enough to film.

  2. People lose their SHIT over the Sandlot, don't they?? I've seen it, I liked it, but I wouldn't wait in a crazy line for it. You made the right choice.

    AND UGH Go Pro's are the coolest EVER and I want one!!!

    1. I'd rather watch The Sandlot on repeat than watch a major league baseball game - YEAH, I SAID IT.

      Oh, and let's get some Go Pros and stick them to windshield of the car and go all Nev/Max when we visit Michelle.

  3. I used to LOVE the Sandlot back in the day! PS - you are just the cutest!

  4. I love that Shadow is the star of the show. He was all about being on camera! The Go Pro seems like a REALLY good idea. Can't wait to see the snowboarding videos you guys put together this winter!

  5. now i want (NEED) a pool. and a go pro.
    and to not be in an office right now.

    also. im totes with alissa on this one. a league of their own and sandlot = summer staples FOR-EV-ER.

  6. Is the Sandlot an old people thing? Old like me? Maybe, maybe. I would've dated one of those boys.

  7. Because The Sandlot is badass and filmed in UTAH.

    I feel a huge need to go swimming now, lets do just that when you come visit.


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