Guess what.

I fell asleep early last night watching Parks and Recreation. (my new favorite show thanks to Kelsey.) And that means a blog post didn't get written. So I was going to type one up this morning at work, but BLOGGER IS REFUSING TO LET ME WRITE ANYTHING. 

And we all know the blogger app is only to be used in an emergency such as this because well, it sucks.

So I leave you with these short sentences and a half sincere apology for the lack of substance in today's post. But really. Is there much substance in anything I write on this blog? Not really. 

And here is a photo of my brother and me getting our faces swapped. That's worth something, right? 

Funny thing is, it still looks like me, just with a mustache.


  1. Dear Kelsey:

    Still want to marry him now?

    Love, Alissa.

    Dear Whitney:


    Love, Alissa.

    1. Dear Alissa,
      YES. Because clearly marrying him is the closest I will get to marrying Whitney, since she's already taken.
      Love, Kelsey

    2. Oh, so now you're a lesbian.

    3. I was about to say that was the most romantic thing anyone has ever said to me.

    4. So what if I am? (I'm not) BUT STILL.

  2. You should probably grow a mustache. Because girl, you can work it.

  3. Blogger has been a real B lately. I'm not digging it. I am digging the face swapping. Awesomeness...


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