I Can Ride My Bike with No Handle Bars

I accomplished a lot yesterday.  I got all caught up on my youtube subscriptions by 4:00 and then decided to go on a bike ride. During the hottest time of the day.  And I'm all, "It's no big deal, I won't be gone long." 12 miles and an hour and a half later, I'm half way up the canyon collapsed under the shade of a tree wondering what then hell I'd done. It was 5:30 and still 99 degrees outside and I was far from home.

Don't let that smile fool you.  I'm fighting back tears. JUST KIDDING. Yeah, it was flippin' hot, but I had so much fun.  I love riding my bike.  And I felt great by the time I got home.  AND it was gorgeous outside yesterday.

And that is how I felt riding yesterday: FREE. and very, very hot.  I took Landon to dinner after my little jaunt across the state, and on our way home, the most beautiful sunset went into action, so he took me up to Squaw Peak (local make out point) to watch the colors paint themselves into twilight.

The view from the top of the stone wall was breathtaking.  But my view was even better.

can you tell I got a new photo editing app? I was having all sorts of fun with it last night.
You guys have a great weekend.  Go do something fun.  I'll be working, so snap chat me if you feel like it.  I could use a little entertainment whilst burning asphalt.


  1. Get it girl. I could not ride a bike that long in the heat. Beautiful pictures. What's the app called?

  2. Pretty. Lots of pretty. Also...were you referencing Arrested Development in your selfie?

  3. I wish I could bike ride with you...this isn't fair. Next Wednesday while Kelsey and I are at spin class, I'm going to pretend we are all riding bikes together.

    OH, I WISH.

    Happy Friday! :)

  4. Why didn't this come up in my feed today? WHY!!?

    Your photos are so pretty!! What is that app?!? Also, I love those neon headphones. GIMME!

  5. That looks like the best sweaty bike ride ever. Also, who goes to make-out point to look at the views? Psh, girl, you're doing it wrong ;)


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