I Wasn't Going to Post Today

BECAUSE Blogger's dashboard decided to single me out and not publish any of my posts on the newsfeed these last couple days.  I mean, Friday was the only day a real post was excluded, but I've been trying all weekend to figure out why it wasn't showing up.  But then last night, the post magically appeared and I was so happy my blog wasn't going to be forgotten and die a slow, sad death in the dusty corners of the internet. So let's see if it works this time even though IT PROBABLY WON'T AND I'M GETTING SO FRUSTRATED. If any of you have ever had this problem, tell me how you fixed it.

Though, I was relieved a bit when I didn't think I would have to post because nothing of interest happened over the weekend.  It rained the whole time.  And I stayed inside basically 48 hours straight. No one is complaining though.  Especially my hair.  We went to Wolverine Friday night and I actually did my hair for once, and I could see how badly all this chlorine has been affecting it.  So maybe a weekend away from the pool was a good thing.

Another good thing about staying inside was that I got to hang out with my baby dog.  I had to seriously exercise some personal control to only upload two photos of him to instagram on Saturday, even though I took like, a million.  And now I'm rewarding myself by putting up more on this post.

I. Love. That. Animal.
I'd rather hang out with him than most humans. True Story.
Hope you all had a great weekend.  Though I know it probably wasn't as good as getting to hang out with the smiliest, photo-bombing, dog-bearding, turtle-watching k-9 with the longest eyelashes in the entire animal kingdom...


  1. Dog beards! I love it :)

    Um, can I hang out with you guys next weekend? Okay, thanks.


    Feel free to personally send me all the pictures you don't publicly post of that little angel.

  3. He's adorable, they were the best photos to show up in my Instagram feed all weekend because you can't look at him and not smile!

  4. Blogger issues are enough to make anyone crazy. Seriously.

    I need more dog smiles in my life. That pooch is perfect.

  5. You know how some people get baby hungry by looking at pictures of babies? Well, I'm getting puppy hungry. I need a dog! I guess I need a fenced in yard first, but... whatever. Details, details.


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