Here is another "Lately" post that seems to be going around Blogland for those who don't have a lot going on.  Basically my life consists of work and swimming. And I feel like that's all I talk about.  So here is what else is going on during my day to day life.

Awkward season three.  I am late to this show, but I love it.  Too much.
Parks and Recreation season 4. I'm Ron Swanson's biggest fan.
Daily Grace on youtube.
Also, new to a youtuber called Conner Franta.  He's just so cute I want to put him in my pocket.

Sara Bareilles' new album, The Blessed Unrest.  That woman has the voice of an angel.

Y'all's blogs.  I need a new book too.

Final Cut Pro X for video editing. No one knew that software started out at $300...I'll have to stick with iMovie for now. #firstworldproblems
a haircut. Bangs are out(clap)of(clap)con(clap)trol.

annnnd that is literally it. all I got for you. Sorry I'm not sorry.


  1. I used to loooooove Parks & Rec, but I've gotten away from watching it. I need to get back on board!

  2. Awkward ...such a great show! Are you Team Matty or Team Jake? Or Team New Guy?

    Hmm, hmm, a book you should read... let's see...ever read any of Chelsea Handler's books? The first one is the best.

    UGH. I want a camera and editing software. Want want want.

  3. Are you turning into me? Parks, Daily Grace, bangs, ghetto clapping? I like it.

  4. Bangs grow entirely too fast for my liking. So annoying.

    Parks is on my list, just as soon as I get caught up on Community. But I put Community on hold to start The Office again. But it's on the list, hopefully I get around to it before it goes off the air. We'll see.

    Your summertime work schedule makes me very sad.

  5. While I don't recommend cutting your own bangs, I know we will both do it. Just don't get all Lloyd Christmas. It is hard to come back from that...

    I'm just going to ramble a list of books and I'm sorry if you've read them: Gone Girl, The Fault in our Stars, The Glass Castle, Mindy Kaling's autobio (which I have if you want to borrow it), and to ditto Alissa - anything by Chelsea H.


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