Let's Hope THAT Never Happens Again.

soooo, last night we went to the shooting range.  I was stoked to release some pent up aggression on a paper Osama Bin Laden zombie, but what really ended up happening was that the shell popped out of the chamber after the shot was fired and landed smack dab in the middle of my boobs.  And for those of you who don't know, those shells are RIDICULOUSLY hot when they first exit the chamber.  I have a legitimate burn that resembles a 3rd nipple.  And maybe it hurt so bad that I yelped out of sheer pain and made such a scene trying to get it out of my bra that everyone in the shooting range was staring at me.

worst experience at the range. ever.

And if that happens when I'm actually trying to defend myself?

pff. I'm screwed.

We got home and I went to change into my pajamas and the freaking shell fell out of my bra.
I stared at it on the ground, mocking me, shook my fist and walked away like a true gentleman.


  1. The good news is, shells only release after you fire, so if you have good aim, you can still get the bad guy, and do the burning boob dance. The poor shell just wanted a better life than in those barrels at the range...

  2. When I got your Snapchat last night.. I legit thought you accidentally sexted me. BE MORE CAREFUL WITH THOSE GUNS NEXT TIME!!

  3. Last week we sat too close to the big fireworks show downtown. I got a piece of burning ash stuck down my shirt. I thought I was going to die. Maybe I'm a little dramatic.

  4. "I said good day, sir!"
    If you're a true gentleman, maybe pugilism is your preferred self-defense medium. :P

  5. One time, I took a bullet. Right between my eyes. I mean, it was close for a second, but I pulled through.

    Wheeww...bad memory...

  6. I burn myself regularly with a curling iron. Guns? I'd somehow shoot myself.

    You need to check your spam. Or email Whateverwednesdays@yahoo.com BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE GOT THE MEMO

  7. OUCH! I got some red hot coals right on the side of my hip once (long story short Chinese Medicine is more dangerous than people let on - and to clarify burning myself was NOT part of the treatment), it was excruciating. I don't really want to imagine want it would feel like in the boobs.

  8. That is seriously one of my biggest fears, because those things are little balls of fire. Ouch!!

  9. Noooo! That is awful! My husband actually catches the shells (instead of searching for them on the ground... he reloads ammo) as I shoot! I don't know how it doesn't burn his hands?!

  10. I have never shot anything nor do i ever intend to.. and this just confirms it! Hope it doesn't stay burned for too long =/

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog



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