Pioneer Day

It was Pioneer Day here in ol' Utah yesterday. Everyone got the day off work and had no plans whatsoever except to be poolside all day.  And that's what we did.  I took no photos, or videos because I feel like that is all I talk about anymore.  And I'm bored with me. sooo....yep. that's it. Got sunburned and was lulled to sleep by fireworks at 11 pm.  That sounds like the best day off ever to me.

oh and hey, just think, in 16 weeks the snow will be flyin.


  1. What? Wait a minute...what? A day off from work? New York is doing Pioneer Day wrong. So wrong.

  2. Why don't we have a Pioneer Day? I am a pioneer of the "no pants with buttons on weekends" movement. Where's my day off of work?

  3. Don't photodocument it, just DO it! Way to really live your lovely day. :)
    Freakin' Utah and your two holidays in July...LUCKY

  4. I know a lot about pioneer day from all of the polygamy books I read. I think.

  5. NOOOOO Do NOT say snow. Sooo not ready for that yet.

  6. Why did you have to bring up the S word???


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