Throwback to Last Week.

So I didn't give you guys the recap on the whole birthday shindig that went down last weekend.  I felt like it involved gathering a lot of photos and I just haven't felt like it. I DO WHAT I WANT.  But, it was such a good time, might as well document it for future generations.  So here it is, thrown' it back to last Saturday...

First of all, my whole family left me here by myself in Utah on my birthday which meant if I wanted a party, I'd have to plan it myself.  So I sent out a mass text the day before telling of my spur of the moment B-Day partay.  Most couldn't make it, but the ones that did are my go-to partiers.

Landon started the day off by taking me to my favorite breakfast joint for all you can eat pancakes with the world's best syrup.  We packed ourselves full before we headed up to the house.  We didn't wait for the party to start before we jumped in the pool.  Shadow made an entrance by viciously attacking my in-laws off the diving board.  The pictures are to die for.

He is the sweetest dog ever OUTSIDE of the water.  But no one knows why he turns into a wild animal when the pool is involved.  At first,  I thought maybe he was trying to save us, but I think it's just that he's a douche.

The party showed up around 4:30 and we swam til it was dark. ALSO, my freaking sister came home from Tonga on my birthday and I made sure I got her up to the pool with me.  I missed that kid so much.  Having her home with me was probably the best present I got.

Ok, maybe she ties for first with this guy...

23 feels good so far. The only sucky part is I can't sing along with T-Swift's 22 anymore.
ahh adulthood....


  1. And this whole time, I thought I was first...


    I do wish I could've been there to celebrate with you guys, and be attacked by Shadow. Maybe next year? Okay, good.

    (Let's not talk about how old I'm going to be in September. I miss 23.)

  2. UGHHH I wish I could have come to your birthday party!! Your entourage seems like so much fun! Also that last picture of you and Landon-- can you have that made wallet-size for me? THANKS.

    1. She just wants to go to your birthday party to hang out with your brother - DON'T BE FOOLED!


      Whatever gets you here I guess. :)

  3. Those pictures are AMAZING. What the hell, dog. But thanks for that, dog!

  4. Landon's face in that last picture is hilarious.

  5. Also, T-Swift turned 23 months ago, and do you think she's hit adulthood and stopped singing it? Nope.

    So sing away.

  6. Ahhh! Those pictures of shadow are ah-mazing! Haha. Love it. Glad you had a great day!

  7. How the heck is t-swift already 23? Like when did that happen?

    Also, that dog is the coolest. I mean, how many dogs jump off diving boards?

  8. I have never heard of a dog with this level of skill before, to attack humans as they're jumping into water. That's serious talent.

    Looks like a wonderful way to start off a new year!!!


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