well that escalated quickly. not.

So, this weekend was spent fighting the heat by spending it in my cold, dark basement.  We also hit up the local water park Saturday morning and vowed on the life of our first born never, ever to do that again. Ever. Because everyone in all of probably Utah Valley and each of their five children were there.

Got a nice base tan, though.  A nice starter for this weekend. Painted my nails. Cut Landon's hair.  Battled the strain of E.coli in our tap water....

annnnd that's about it.


  1. Remember when you went to a water park last year?

  2. Whitney, water parks are cesspools for disgusting kids.

    FUN FACT: There's a water park near Alissa and I called Water Slide World, and my dad was on the commercial.


    1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0VEdTTDXJE

      They've had the same jingle since I was in diapers.

  3. !Sounds more exciting than mine. Also, what is with people not having air conditioning? HOW DO YOU LIVE?

  4. I wanna go to a water park! I've never been, sneaking into the pools at the bigger hotels back on Maui does NOT count. Maybe not in Breedersville USA, though, good point...hmm, where are there waterparks and lots of DINKs?

  5. I like that Kelsey described them as "cesspools." That is the perfect description of a water park if I've ever heard one.


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