Whatever Wednesday: What Do You Spend Too Much Time Doing?

You want to know what I spend too much time doing?  It's a sad, sad truth, but an activity that consumes probably AT LEAST 3% of my evenings?  Looking for this bad boy.

The freaking remote to our Apple TV of which we stream our Netflix through.  The sneaky bastard likes to melt into a worm hole that is hidden somewhere in our blankets.  At the end of an episode, even if you leave it in your hand through the whole thing, without a doubt, it's gone.  And we have to uproot the entire bed and all of the bedding, flipping it around like the olden days when washers and dryers didn't exist.  Hoping and praying that the sleek, little control will fly out of the folds and smash against the wall so we can hear where it lands.

I need a retractable zip line that will tear this fiend from it's parallel universe that it so clearly prefers.

What do you spend too much time doing? Type her up and drop the link over at Shay's.


  1. OOOOH that remote. I don't have AppleTV... BUT I WANT IT. I have that remote because it came with my computer. I got my computer two years ago. I haven't seen the remote in about 1.8 years.

  2. At least 3% of your evenings? How do you have time to do anything else?? :)

    I can offer no assistance with this. I lose remotes all of the time. We need to invent something that keeps track of them...

  3. Oh my, this would be very tempting, especially with how much I use my laptop and the hours I spend on the Internet...also using my computer as a TV! :)

  4. Oh this is the worst. You should attach something very loud and very noisy to it to help it be found. Velcro? Love Velcro.

  5. Even more loseable than the old TV remotes! Maybe a bedside table or other special spot that is the only place it goes? Or a tiny little holster on the headboard/etc so that the blankets don't ever get involved? Coz those things are traitors. I always wake up with mine trying to throttle me. :P

  6. We had this problem for FOREVER. And then we found a tutorial online for how to program a regular remote to control the Apple TV, and my life got orders of magnitude better. So worth the time and effort.

  7. When you called it a sneaky bastard I laughed so hard.

    Oh how I love you.


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