New Sheets

I'm typing this from the comfort of my bed that I treated to new sheets today.  During the move, we found some gift cards from the wedding one of which was 50 bones to Bed Bath and Beyond.  And as soon as I saw it, I was all, "We are getting new sheets!" The ones we had just didn't match so well, and they past their prime.  And now I'm all cozy in my soft, new bedding.

Sad how excited I am over sheets, huh?

Shadow agreed yesterday morning though, he said it was time for a change.  He told Landon at 5:45 am right before I was about to leave for work:

Someone in this photo is very happy, and someone is not.

I've got big plans for this Labor Day weekend, starting with a BYU game and Midway's annual Swiss Days.  Hope you all have a great 3 day weekend, stay safe.

**Also, Tuesday starts Blogtember- another month-long blog challenge over at Story of my Life.  But don't worry, Miss Jenni is cutting us some slack on weekends, so it's not a blog-every-day challenge.  If you want to join in, here is the link to the prompts for each day.  If your even thinking about doing it, even if it's only some days, not the whole thing, let me just tell you it's a lot of fun and a great way to meet new bloggers. Dip your toe in, try it out.  If nothing else it really helps when writer's block hits.

ok bye for real!!

I'm Sad, You Guys.

Welp. It's official. I'm no longer a resident of Utah County, but moved Eastward into the beautiful Heber Valley. You know it's funny, I've spent the last three years DYING to finally get myself out of the Orem/Provo/Lindon area, but as I sit here with all these boxes around me, and seeing remnants of our past homes, I miss it. I wish I would have enjoyed it more while I was there.

How cliche is that?

I didn't feel nearly this sad when we moved out of our first apartment in Provo, but that's because it was in a sketchy neighborhood and the apartment itself felt like just that. An apartment. Not a home. But this place? It was our home. Our landlords were our friends, the yard was beautiful, we the constant companionship of puppies, chickens, ponies and the occasional Tom Selleck. I loved the wooden beams across the ceiling in our living room, and the granite counter tops in the kitchen. I loved the brick fire place with a mantle above it where we staggered our wedding photos. I loved watching the sun rise over the mountains with me on my drive to work, I loved the little hole in the wall restaurants just down the road from us. I could have stayed there. I could have stayed for years.

But- times change. And life demands you to move forward no matter how badly you want to stay in your cottage basement. So here we are. Surrounded by boxes of memories. And only photos of what once was our home.

Whatever Wednesday: Favorite Summer Memory

I didn't have a chance to type up my W.W. post last night because I was packing til all hours of the night, but the topic is a relatively easy one, so I'll just throw it out there. One of my favorite memories of this summer (even if it was in April and I'm wearing a scarf... my "summer" started in March), if not THEE favorite was when I got to meet Shay in real life. and I can already tell you my favorite part of Fall and probably all of 2013 will be in TWO MONTHS FROM TODAY when Shay, Alissa, Kelsey and I are all in the same room. it's going to be uhmazing. I don't know who is hosting the link up today because I'm just so out of the loop with anything that isn't packing my millions of shirts I totally forgot I had. Also, I don't think I can set up a link because I'm actually typing on the html side of blogger because this computer won't let me type on the compose side. ask me if I know anything about html. I don't.

Goodbye Home

So- tonight is possibly my last night sleeping in my own apartment.  We are moving up to my in-law's for the next few months.  There is a list of a few reasons behind the move, liiiike Landon quit his job a couple weeks ago, so we are living solely off my income, which is not enough sooo... free rent.

And we don't really know where we are wanting to end up.  So we want Landon to find a job *that he will actually like* before we choose another place to settle for who knows how long.  Amongst other things that aren't set in stone.  Buuuut what it comes down to is that I'm cramming everything I own into a single room and a square in the garage.

Don't get me wrong, I'm so grateful to our in-laws for being so open to letting us crash in their basement, but I dunno. I'm having slight anxiety about losing my space.  That's normal right?

Of course it is.

We were up in Heber last night for Landon's Fantasy Football Live draft and driving up the canyon I noticed the leaves changing.  I swear it happened overnight.  Or maybe over the weekend when we got hit with the monsoon of the summer.  I swear, all the rain has been collecting up in the air for the last four months and came down in a twenty minute period.

And as I thought of the rain and hail and the leaves changing, I realized that one of the major perks of living at my Landon's mom's house is almost expired.  That would be the pool.  The pool will be closing soon.

I'm. so. sad.
At least I'll have a dog and a jetted bathtub.

At least.

When Family is All You Need.

my life has been on the hectic side lately.  And I found myself in the comfort of my own home this weekend with the most important people in my world.  And suddenly things seemed less stressful.

I'm at the point where these crazy people are the only ones who can truly calm my troubled heart.

What "Me" Time Looks Like

So Landon and his broseph and mama are hitting up Jackson Hole this weekend, buuut I had to decline due to prior engagements.  They're not leaving til this morning so Landon asked me to come up to his mom's house last night so I didn't have to stay alone at our apartment.  And even though this sounds like I was going to get some quality time with the fam, they were all golfing 18 holes when I got up there.  So I was alone til like, 8,

It wasn't bad though, I went swimming in a sun shower, took a bubble bath, and watched the sun set off the balcony... all with my smiliest friend in the world: The Shad Man.
Cheers to the weekend.

My Pet Journal

Look who's back in the land of the living.  And who is also buying living inanimate objects such as and the freaking moss journal I posted on instagram the other night.  I just know you all are dying to hear about this wonderful creature thing, but I was busy writing about how I lived a good life and whatnot.

So here it is.

FIRST OF ALL- I loooove the chick I bought it from.  Look at how she addressed the package!! She even BURNED the edges of the paper.  We all loved her before we even opened the box.  She had such a sweet thank you note inside sealed via wolf sticker.  And even though all of this is like, the greatest thing you'd ever heard, the journal was beyond my wildest expectations when I found out a moss journal was a thing.  It's so SOFT and it smells delicious!!  It's the most beautiful journal I've ever laid eyes on and I'm afraid to write in it because what if my words don't do its beauty justice?

Can I tell you though, my favorite part about this whole experience in finding and buying this treasure? I bought it and sent the gal a message asking about how to take care of it and stuff and she replied with an answer and said, "I'm so glad it's found a home."  LIKE I ADOPTED IT! Like it's really alive.
I mean it is, but you'd think I just brought home a kitten from the shelter.

And I'm glad it's found a home with me too.

Whatever Wednesday: Write Your Own Obituary

Whitney Leigh Street

July 13, 1990-August 21, 2013

Whitney Leigh Street, adrenaline junkie, blogger, and avid Harry Potter fan died on Thursday, August 21, 2013.

Whitney was a quality control technician for a local quarry by day, but spent most of her time swimming, writing, singing, dreaming and desperately trying to teach her dog any other trick besides "shake."

Her main goals in life were to achieve some sort of a degree from any bonafide education program, invent something that would make her filthy rich which ultimately would enable her progression on successfully transforming into a mermaid.

Her greatest joy's in life were her husband Landon J Street (deceased) whose suicide was quick to follow the news of his sweet wife's death, any journal/diary/notebook she ever met, a perfectly grilled- grilled cheese sandwich and the life sentence to Azkaban for Dolores Umbridge.

Whitney excelled in laughter, love and buying numerous journals that she never intended to write in.  She loved spending weekends in the pool and getting tan enough to last her through the winter months.  And when the snow did fall, she found herself tumbling off every ski lift she could find; truly testing the flexibility of all her most important ligaments.

She prided herself in her fluency of movie quotes, sarcasm and Argentine Spanglish.  She never missed a chance to make a Hot Rod reference and truly looked for the inappropriate connotations in conversations.  Her motto is life was, "that's what she said."

It was the little things.  She never wanted to pass up the opportunity to make someone smile.  She was a shoulder to cry on, a friend to call in the middle of the night if you're jonesing for Taco Bell, and a genuinely happy-to-be-here down-for-anything kinda gal. She will be missed, but not forgotten.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you make a donation to the Harry Potter Alliance or adopt a Hippogriff from your local magic animal shelter.

and should you want to join Whatever Wednesdays and write your own obituary, head on on over to Shay's and leave your link.

It Rained Last Night.

I should be mad about it because I was supposed to go boating, and the party was canceled due to inclement weather, buuuut it was nice to have a little cool down for once.  Honestly, I don't ever remember a summer this hot. In my whole entire life.  The boat-canceling-rain is welcome.  And so is September.  And so is the new iPhone that may come in GOLD.

That makes everyone happy.

Thrill Rides and Dirt Bikes

This weekend was EPIC.  My boss gave me Friday off so I could hit up Lagoon (the local amusement park) with the family.  I haven't been in about five years when I went on a date with this dude that I was IN LOVE with. It didn't work out. (duh)
I had a great time, but I ended up hitting up the big rides with the little kids because the big ones looked like this afterwards:
Even after popping a few Dramamine, they couldn't handle anything that made more than one consecutive rotation.  Big babies.
 We stayed til close to eleven and had an hour long drive home which wouldn't have been too bad considering it was Saturday the next day, BUT we had big plans to stake out at the Moto X Nationals that made their way back to Utah after 40 years.  And once again, I got to watch my boy Villopoto wrap up another championship here in Salt Lake right before my eyes.  I'm just gonna throw this out there that I'm probably his good luck charm.  And he should want me at all his races.
Here is just a little footage from the race and a glimpse of the track from where we were sitting:

We haven't been riding much ourselves this summer, what with jobs working us on the weekends and whatnot, but I love being in this environment with people who share the same passions and getting to watch our heroes work some real magic on the track.

annnd Sunday was spent almost entirely napping.  Not lying even a little.  Couldn't have planned a better weekend if I tried.

Sunset on Fire

There is a fire over the mountains west of me.  It was started by lightning, I believe.  The clouds have been looming over the entire valley sky all week and by the sounds of it, the flames are hardly contained.  It's been cause for hundreds of evacuations and terrifying for so many families.  But how can something that causes to much destruction create so much beauty when the sun sets?

Whatever Wednesday: Top Five Favorite TV Shows

Alissa has called out for everyone's top five favorite TV shows for this week's topic of Whatever Wednesday.  She knows I don't have television, but even still, I have my top five.  And thanks to Netflix, Hulu and DVDs I am able to stay caught up with most of them.  Here they are:

Number One: The Office

Number Two: Friends

Number Three: Parks and Recreation

Number Four: How I Met Your Mother

And last and probably least: The Bachelor/ette

There is a trending theme among these.  Parks and Rec and the Office are pretty much the same in humor and in camera perspective.  HIMYM is just a new version of Friends and the Bachelor/ette are literally the same show.  As you can see, I'm set in my ways of television.

Fill us in one your top five over and leave your link over at Alissa's.


If Life Was Graded.

Found this in the midst of my 4 hour Pinterest marathon last night:

So let's discuss.  Here is what my life's report card would look like:

Getting up at 5:44 every morning: A
Blogging five days a week: A-
Staying caught up on blogs I follow: (currently) D
Working out for 45 minutes a day: B
Planning my dream house on Pinterest: A++
Facebook: A+
Twitter: F-
Instagram: A
Swimming on the weekend: A+
Being tan: A+
Not getting speeding tickets: A (knock on wood)
Not killing people: A (so far.)
Being happy: A
Loving: A
Loving food: A
Pretending I understand Fantasy Football: D+
Sarcasm: A
Fixing my bed: F
Getting rid of clothes I NEVER wear anymore: F (who knows, maybe one day I'll paint something and I'll need fifty shirts to wear so I don't ruin my good clothes.)
Daydreaming: A
Popping my knuckles: A
Laughing: A (I'm laughing AT you, not WITH you.)
The proper use of "you're" and "your": A
Living without regret: C+ (getting there.)

Ok, let's see some of your report cards on life.  Because I'm genuinely curious what you're passing and failing.  If only school could be this easy, I'd have a Master's in...something...

Winter is Coming.

After the last couple weeks of work being insane, it's finally over for the season and I celebrated in the best way I know how. Relaxing in Hebes.  Friday night, Landon took me to dinner and a movie.  Elysium.  It was decent, not a MUST SEE like Pacific Rim or anything.  (Read: heavy sarcasm font.)  But it was good.  You know, for a sci-fi.

Friday, we decided to just move everything in our apartment around to the point where you can't walk through a room without the lights on, or you'll break a toe.  Decided we'd had enough of that and went up to Heber to play a round of golf with my dad.
And by "we" I mean "they" while I hung out with Ellen with my feet propped up on the cart's steering wheel.  I did have to get out and putt with them, my dad gave me some awesome pointers so that maybe I can hold my own in a miniature golf game one day. (Read: heavy sarcasm font.)

We hit up a delicious dinner joint and stocked up on carbs so we could have a late night pool party.

There is an insane meteor shower that took place this weekend and we stayed out late swimming, and when it was dark enough to see the meteors, we dried off and snuggled up in a hammock and watched the stars paint the sky. It was GORGEOUS. Everyone ended up falling asleep under the stars until it got too cold and we headed inside.

I'm trying to soak up what I can of summer, because it's starting to hint at it's departure.  At least up in Heber.  The 100's and 90's are out of the forecast and it's cooling down.  Sad that I think 86 degrees is cold, huh?

What We Do When my Mom Gets Older

For my mom's birthday we all chipped in and bought her a slack line.  What is that you ask? It's a line that is elevated a foot or two above the ground that you try to walk across like a balance beam.  It's super hard, but cause for many laughs.

We bought out half the food at Chik-Fil-A and took it the park and slack lined til the sun was far gone.  It was a perfect party for a small gang of hooligans without a sense of balance.


Forget throwbacks or what have yous, today is August 8th which means it's my mom's BIRTHDAYYYY!!
I want to hear you all at the same time typing "HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRAZY TRACIE!!" as LOUD as you can!! Ready? GO!!

isn't she gorgeous?

Whatever Wednesday: Something or Someone You Take for Granted.

Ooooh boy, here is another serious post on this week's Whatever Wednesday.  Shay's topic this weeks is "someone you take for granted."  And the person who I took/take for granted still- breaks my heart.  Because it's the last person that I should.

My little sister.

She was born in '95 when I was five years old.  She booted me out of my place of youngest child and I held that against her for most of my childhood.  Then, when she grew out of the toddler stage and could comprehend relationships and friendships, I was around the age of a preteen.  Which meant I was moody and manipulative.  And the way I treated this little girl who so desperately wanted to be friends with me makes my stomach churn to this day.  Growing up, we got along more, I didn't exclude her as much as I had in the past, but we would also fight a lot more.

And people say, "oh well, you're sisters.  Sisters fight."  But the thing is, we don't anymore.  It changed the day I moved out of my parent's house.  And I laid in my bed that first night, wishing so bad that I could talk to my sister.

She is my best friend in the whole world now.  I cherish every second we spend together.  I hate myself for taking 13 years with her for granted.  What I would give to get that back.

She is an angel in my life and how lucky I am that God trusted me that have her for a sister.  Especially when I did not deserve her for most of my life.  I'm the big sister, I'm supposed to be the example and the teacher.  But somehow the roles got reversed on that one.

Enough looking back on what I've lost though.  We have our whole lives ahead of us to cause a ruckus.
Doesn't mean Brenden and I aren't going stop teasing her though.  Especially when she reads at Brad Paisley concerts. Nerd.
 photo myfacewhen_zps21948215.gif

I Thought I Nailed It...

 photo tumblr_miresb7xum1qh9nffo1_500_zps9e6e00dd.gif

Raise your hand if you remember this! When Jennifer Lawrence was walking up on stage to accept one of her Oscars and tripped on her dress and Hugh Jackman had to come rescue her? That was pretty big news in the social media world, wasn't it?

Because Saturday night at the improv show, our section was named Team Jennifer Lawrence and the ref told us to do our best Jennifer Lawrence impression and I stood up, walked to the stage that was two feet in front of me and fell on it. AND NOBODY GOT IT.

It was probably more embarrassing for me than Jennifer.
and by "probably" I mean, "it was." At least she got a beefy man hunk to help her up. I just laid there on the frayed astro turf while the overweight ref with one hand stared at me. judgmentally.
last time I participate.

I Need Sleep

So, my weekend was mixed with a lot of work and a lot of play. Friday my peeps at work made it possible for me to get out early so I could meet up with my fam and see Brad Paisley at Usana.  Landon took my mom and me a couple years ago and we were stoked to get tickets again this year.  We had SO much fun.  That dude sure knows how to entertain.

I didn't get home til after midnight and had to be up at 5 ish to go to work on Saturday. Which wasn't a big deal. Saturday work means OT.  But five hours of sleep sucks any day of the week.  And I didn't have much time to relax afterwards because my Dad who has been out all summer in Ohio selling came home finally.  And he took Landon and me to a delicious sushi dinner and to our favorite comedy improv show.  That ended around 10 that night and after my dad peaced out we turned our butts right around to hit up a music club and watch Landon's cousin in her band Artemis Empire.
Landon and I had never been to a show of theirs and they totally ROCKED our faces off.  It was totally worth staying out til midnight again. (How old am I?) And then maybe I slept for twelve hours that night. (Oh yeah, 23.)
And Sunday? I spent the day entertaining children younger than 10.  Which is huge for me.
And also, I'm still exhausted.

You Won't Believe This. I Didn't.

So a few weeks ago, Tiffany, Alissa and Kelsey emailed me saying a package was on it's way for my birthday and they wanted me to make a vlog of myself opening it. It showed up on my porch last night around 8 or 9.  I'll pretty much let the video do the talking, because quite frankly I'm still speechless.  You guys are seriously the best.

If you guys are at work and can't watch how this plays out, I will leave you with the end result.

I'm never changing out of it.
I love you guys.
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