Goodbye Home

So- tonight is possibly my last night sleeping in my own apartment.  We are moving up to my in-law's for the next few months.  There is a list of a few reasons behind the move, liiiike Landon quit his job a couple weeks ago, so we are living solely off my income, which is not enough sooo... free rent.

And we don't really know where we are wanting to end up.  So we want Landon to find a job *that he will actually like* before we choose another place to settle for who knows how long.  Amongst other things that aren't set in stone.  Buuuut what it comes down to is that I'm cramming everything I own into a single room and a square in the garage.

Don't get me wrong, I'm so grateful to our in-laws for being so open to letting us crash in their basement, but I dunno. I'm having slight anxiety about losing my space.  That's normal right?

Of course it is.

We were up in Heber last night for Landon's Fantasy Football Live draft and driving up the canyon I noticed the leaves changing.  I swear it happened overnight.  Or maybe over the weekend when we got hit with the monsoon of the summer.  I swear, all the rain has been collecting up in the air for the last four months and came down in a twenty minute period.

And as I thought of the rain and hail and the leaves changing, I realized that one of the major perks of living at my Landon's mom's house is almost expired.  That would be the pool.  The pool will be closing soon.

I'm. so. sad.
At least I'll have a dog and a jetted bathtub.

At least.


  1. Listen, grab some pool noodles, head to the jetted bathtub, close your eyes, and it'll be almost the same thing as the pool, right? No, not even close, but I'm trying.

    I'm so out of the loop with this.

  2. Jetted bathtub > everything

    Good luck with the move!!! :)

  3. I cannot wait for daily snapchats of my smiley best friend.

    And the jetted bathtub. Just stock up on earplugs and everything will be the same. Kind of.

    Good luck with moving!

  4. I have a jetted bathtub but I've never used it. Does this make me a bad person? I think it might.

  5. A JETTED BATHTUB? Jealousy.

    You take the best pictures of things, little things like hail. And also there is a man at my work named "Heber." I feel like you should know that.

    This is temporary and it will all work out. It will!

  6. Oh man. Girl, you are going to make it. But I would be just as panicky over losing space. No doubt about that. Hopefully it will be VERY temporary!

  7. A DOG, WHITNEY. That is so much better than a moustached cat. Any day of the year. But giving up your space is hard, and I feel your pain about being a one income household. That really sucks. But this is a good move for you, and things will be much better as a result of this time!


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