I Need Sleep

So, my weekend was mixed with a lot of work and a lot of play. Friday my peeps at work made it possible for me to get out early so I could meet up with my fam and see Brad Paisley at Usana.  Landon took my mom and me a couple years ago and we were stoked to get tickets again this year.  We had SO much fun.  That dude sure knows how to entertain.

I didn't get home til after midnight and had to be up at 5 ish to go to work on Saturday. Which wasn't a big deal. Saturday work means OT.  But five hours of sleep sucks any day of the week.  And I didn't have much time to relax afterwards because my Dad who has been out all summer in Ohio selling came home finally.  And he took Landon and me to a delicious sushi dinner and to our favorite comedy improv show.  That ended around 10 that night and after my dad peaced out we turned our butts right around to hit up a music club and watch Landon's cousin in her band Artemis Empire.
Landon and I had never been to a show of theirs and they totally ROCKED our faces off.  It was totally worth staying out til midnight again. (How old am I?) And then maybe I slept for twelve hours that night. (Oh yeah, 23.)
And Sunday? I spent the day entertaining children younger than 10.  Which is huge for me.
And also, I'm still exhausted.


  1. I love these pics! You look SO happy!

  2. I cannot get over your hair...is that really your hairs? Are there fake hairs in there?

    Stop doing fun things without me!

  3. UGH, I say this every time, but your family is the absolute coolest!! SOMEDAY I WILL BE THERE FOR THESE FUN ACTIVITIES. SOME DAY.

  4. Friends, family and live music-sounds like the perfect weekend

  5. So many happy smiles! Like a damn colgate add, I swear.

    Also, YOUR HAIR. Can I have some of it?

    Tell me more about this band. Since I couldn't hear your lovely lip synching. Wait...

  6. I feel like you deserve a really long nap. I'm glad your dad is home. I'm glad you're happy, today I was thinking.. "when I grow up I want a happy, busy like like Whitney's.." #fact

  7. Reading about your weekend makes me happy and tired at the same time. I feel like I should congratulate you on completing your weekend. Also, a delicious sushi dinner sounds delicious


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