I Thought I Nailed It...

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Raise your hand if you remember this! When Jennifer Lawrence was walking up on stage to accept one of her Oscars and tripped on her dress and Hugh Jackman had to come rescue her? That was pretty big news in the social media world, wasn't it?

Because Saturday night at the improv show, our section was named Team Jennifer Lawrence and the ref told us to do our best Jennifer Lawrence impression and I stood up, walked to the stage that was two feet in front of me and fell on it. AND NOBODY GOT IT.

It was probably more embarrassing for me than Jennifer.
and by "probably" I mean, "it was." At least she got a beefy man hunk to help her up. I just laid there on the frayed astro turf while the overweight ref with one hand stared at me. judgmentally.
last time I participate.


  1. I ..am ...dyyyying.

    I WOULD'VE GOTTEN IT! I promise I would've laughed with you, and not at you.

    What's worse than people who don't understand your humor? NOTHING.



    You poor thing!!! I would have died laughing. DIED. I always pick up on those kind of references!! When you visit we will reinact this and you can redeem yourself. Alissa and I will laugh. PROMISE

  3. hahahaha HOW. HOW DID NO ONE GET THAT?!
    maybe we all just have a really crazy love for j.law that the general public doesnt possess?
    regardless, im proud of you. that was a clever freakin impression, even if they didnt get it.

  4. Oh my gosh, all those idiots who live under rocks!

  5. like...are you kidding me?!?!?!?! could those people BE anymore dumb?
    E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E. saw that!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  6. NO ONE GOT THAT? You just won at life. You did. WE GET YOU.


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