If Life Was Graded.

Found this in the midst of my 4 hour Pinterest marathon last night:

So let's discuss.  Here is what my life's report card would look like:

Getting up at 5:44 every morning: A
Blogging five days a week: A-
Staying caught up on blogs I follow: (currently) D
Working out for 45 minutes a day: B
Planning my dream house on Pinterest: A++
Facebook: A+
Twitter: F-
Instagram: A
Swimming on the weekend: A+
Being tan: A+
Not getting speeding tickets: A (knock on wood)
Not killing people: A (so far.)
Being happy: A
Loving: A
Loving food: A
Pretending I understand Fantasy Football: D+
Sarcasm: A
Fixing my bed: F
Getting rid of clothes I NEVER wear anymore: F (who knows, maybe one day I'll paint something and I'll need fifty shirts to wear so I don't ruin my good clothes.)
Daydreaming: A
Popping my knuckles: A
Laughing: A (I'm laughing AT you, not WITH you.)
The proper use of "you're" and "your": A
Living without regret: C+ (getting there.)

Ok, let's see some of your report cards on life.  Because I'm genuinely curious what you're passing and failing.  If only school could be this easy, I'd have a Master's in...something...


  1. Well, shiz, Whitney...I'm glad you have an A in not killing people, and I hope that never changes.

    Does "fixing your bed" mean "making your bed" ??

    I like this idea...I'll have to steal it for a post.

  2. I think you would also get an A at driving in winter storms up narrow mountain roads, because you're cool like that.

    Also, you excel at being a pretend cat owner. Tom Selleck was one lucky cat while he was still coming around.

    I also fail at keeping up with blogs lately. It's hard to keep up sometimes!

  3. I'm concerned that you didn't get an A++ for not killing people. What are you hiding, Whit? BODIES???

    This is super cool. YOU ARE SUPER COOL.

  4. Getting up before 10 AM every morning: F-----

    Working from home has effed up my schedule like no other. Especially when my boss likes to work until midnight.

  5. Great post, the cracking the knuckle comment made cringe though, it makes me go all squirmy when people crack their knuckles and my housemate does it all the time.
    I'd be joining you with the A for sarcasm.

  6. BFF: A++
    But this is an online class, which is why we never see each other.
    Except every now and then to take a test where we go to the mall.

  7. I love this idea. I might steal it.

    Being tan: F-


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