I'm Sad, You Guys.

Welp. It's official. I'm no longer a resident of Utah County, but moved Eastward into the beautiful Heber Valley. You know it's funny, I've spent the last three years DYING to finally get myself out of the Orem/Provo/Lindon area, but as I sit here with all these boxes around me, and seeing remnants of our past homes, I miss it. I wish I would have enjoyed it more while I was there.

How cliche is that?

I didn't feel nearly this sad when we moved out of our first apartment in Provo, but that's because it was in a sketchy neighborhood and the apartment itself felt like just that. An apartment. Not a home. But this place? It was our home. Our landlords were our friends, the yard was beautiful, we the constant companionship of puppies, chickens, ponies and the occasional Tom Selleck. I loved the wooden beams across the ceiling in our living room, and the granite counter tops in the kitchen. I loved the brick fire place with a mantle above it where we staggered our wedding photos. I loved watching the sun rise over the mountains with me on my drive to work, I loved the little hole in the wall restaurants just down the road from us. I could have stayed there. I could have stayed for years.

But- times change. And life demands you to move forward no matter how badly you want to stay in your cottage basement. So here we are. Surrounded by boxes of memories. And only photos of what once was our home.


  1. Moving can be heartbreaking. So sorry that today you are feeling sad, I have faith that this new journey is going to bring so many good, joyful things your way! And while that doesn't take away the pain, I hope it eases it.

  2. Awww, Whitney! I love the slideshow :) And while I'll miss the possibility of a Tom Selleck sighting, I'm excited for your new adventure!

    And, there's still a house on the compound if you want it.

  3. awwww WHITTTT. I am so sad you're sad about moving, but onto bigger and better things, right!?! Like visiting NY. See, better already!!! :)

  4. Whoever rents your place needs to have a clause in which they must take care of Tom Selleck.

  5. Whitney, I'm sad for you I am. Way to chose the most dramatic song in the entire world to bid adieu. But don't worry your house will remember you too, in the arms of the angel as you fly away.

    i'm such an ass.

  6. OH MY GOSH.

    In my head, as I started watching that video, I thought, "I feel like this is going to start with that Sarah McLachlan song. It better not start with that Sarah McLachlan song."

    And then that song started. And I started laughing. Probably not what she intended when she wrote it.


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