It Rained Last Night.

I should be mad about it because I was supposed to go boating, and the party was canceled due to inclement weather, buuuut it was nice to have a little cool down for once.  Honestly, I don't ever remember a summer this hot. In my whole entire life.  The boat-canceling-rain is welcome.  And so is September.  And so is the new iPhone that may come in GOLD.

That makes everyone happy.


  1. You always know so many things about iPhones. I have to look this up.

    So, basically what you're saying is that you didn't go out on the lake, in a boat?

  2. I want to hug Sharkie's best smiley friend. I just made that relationship connection happen.

  3. That puppy face put a smile on MY face :)

  4. Weather cool downs are such a gift. Glad you are all getting a break from the heat.

    Also, doesn't everyone encase their phone anyway? Why do we need different colors if nobody is going to see them?


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