Thrill Rides and Dirt Bikes

This weekend was EPIC.  My boss gave me Friday off so I could hit up Lagoon (the local amusement park) with the family.  I haven't been in about five years when I went on a date with this dude that I was IN LOVE with. It didn't work out. (duh)
I had a great time, but I ended up hitting up the big rides with the little kids because the big ones looked like this afterwards:
Even after popping a few Dramamine, they couldn't handle anything that made more than one consecutive rotation.  Big babies.
 We stayed til close to eleven and had an hour long drive home which wouldn't have been too bad considering it was Saturday the next day, BUT we had big plans to stake out at the Moto X Nationals that made their way back to Utah after 40 years.  And once again, I got to watch my boy Villopoto wrap up another championship here in Salt Lake right before my eyes.  I'm just gonna throw this out there that I'm probably his good luck charm.  And he should want me at all his races.
Here is just a little footage from the race and a glimpse of the track from where we were sitting:

We haven't been riding much ourselves this summer, what with jobs working us on the weekends and whatnot, but I love being in this environment with people who share the same passions and getting to watch our heroes work some real magic on the track.

annnd Sunday was spent almost entirely napping.  Not lying even a little.  Couldn't have planned a better weekend if I tried.


  1. SOOOOOOOO jealous of your supercross fun!! I miss going soooo much!

  2. UM, BABIES! I would've gone on all the rides, all the times with you.

    This motorcross stuff is so beyond me. I hope we can still be friends!

  3. Who was the guy? I'm racking my brain and can't even remember.

    And I feel for those dudes of yours. I hit twenty and my ability to handle extreme motion like that went down the drain.

  4. WHITNEY. ferris wheels give me the most anxiety out of all the anxieties. i went on one for chris at disneyland and i about shurted everywhere on everyone.

    1. ^ appropriate. especially on a public forum. i dig it.

  5. Whit.

    I still can't get over you riding the Samurai. I think I've been on every ride in Lagoon, but I refuse. I REFUSE. Let's take Alissa.

  6. I loved that Motocross movie that the Disney channel made over a decade ago. It is literally my only exposure to the sport, but I loved every second of it.

    You really need a job that doesn't require weekends.

    I want to theme park with you. Except for the staying until close part. I fall asleep at 9pm most times.


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