What "Me" Time Looks Like

So Landon and his broseph and mama are hitting up Jackson Hole this weekend, buuut I had to decline due to prior engagements.  They're not leaving til this morning so Landon asked me to come up to his mom's house last night so I didn't have to stay alone at our apartment.  And even though this sounds like I was going to get some quality time with the fam, they were all golfing 18 holes when I got up there.  So I was alone til like, 8,

It wasn't bad though, I went swimming in a sun shower, took a bubble bath, and watched the sun set off the balcony... all with my smiliest friend in the world: The Shad Man.
Cheers to the weekend.


  1. That flippin' pup. I need to squeeze him. And you.

  2. What kind of food does he eat? I want Sharks to be smiley like him.


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