What We Do When my Mom Gets Older

For my mom's birthday we all chipped in and bought her a slack line.  What is that you ask? It's a line that is elevated a foot or two above the ground that you try to walk across like a balance beam.  It's super hard, but cause for many laughs.

We bought out half the food at Chik-Fil-A and took it the park and slack lined til the sun was far gone.  It was a perfect party for a small gang of hooligans without a sense of balance.


  1. Where do you even think of these cool ideas? You know what I get for my mom almost every year? A sweater. Or some article of clothing.

    If I got her a slack line, she'd end up in the hospital. I just know it.


  2. THIS IS THE COOLEST EVER. I agree with Alissa, if I got my mom a slack line I would also get her a Life Alert Necklace because THAT WOULDN'T END WELL. You take the prettiest pictures, too!! Probably the beautiful subjects ;)

  3. My mom would think I went full-crazy if I got this for her. SO COOL.

    Those pictures are wonderful, wonderful!

  4. This is amazing! And your pictures are beautiful. I wanna come play with you!

  5. Your family cracks me up every time. Also, any party that includes Chik-Fil-A is sure to be a winner. Add in a slack line, and you either have a) The best party ever OR b) and Express pass to the ER.


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