Whatever Wednesday: Something or Someone You Take for Granted.

Ooooh boy, here is another serious post on this week's Whatever Wednesday.  Shay's topic this weeks is "someone you take for granted."  And the person who I took/take for granted still- breaks my heart.  Because it's the last person that I should.

My little sister.

She was born in '95 when I was five years old.  She booted me out of my place of youngest child and I held that against her for most of my childhood.  Then, when she grew out of the toddler stage and could comprehend relationships and friendships, I was around the age of a preteen.  Which meant I was moody and manipulative.  And the way I treated this little girl who so desperately wanted to be friends with me makes my stomach churn to this day.  Growing up, we got along more, I didn't exclude her as much as I had in the past, but we would also fight a lot more.

And people say, "oh well, you're sisters.  Sisters fight."  But the thing is, we don't anymore.  It changed the day I moved out of my parent's house.  And I laid in my bed that first night, wishing so bad that I could talk to my sister.

She is my best friend in the whole world now.  I cherish every second we spend together.  I hate myself for taking 13 years with her for granted.  What I would give to get that back.

She is an angel in my life and how lucky I am that God trusted me that have her for a sister.  Especially when I did not deserve her for most of my life.  I'm the big sister, I'm supposed to be the example and the teacher.  But somehow the roles got reversed on that one.

Enough looking back on what I've lost though.  We have our whole lives ahead of us to cause a ruckus.
Doesn't mean Brenden and I aren't going stop teasing her though.  Especially when she reads at Brad Paisley concerts. Nerd.
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  1. awwww this warms my heart! I love it! Sibling love is so special!

  2. What a sweet post for your sister! (Andd excellent gif at the end!) The plus side is that you realized you took her for granted and you changed that behavior. You have so many awesome memories ahead of you, don't dwell on the past! I'm sure that she has forgiven you, plenty of people do awful things to their siblings when their teenagers!

  3. Lovely post. Me and my brother were the same, we got on so much better once I moved out of home

  4. Whitney...I'll say this - I never wanted a sister when I was growing up. I loved being the youngest and I loved being the only girl. So, try not to feel guilty, okay? I would've been pissed if my "baby of the family" title was taken away from me too.

    WITH THAT SAID ...now? Now I would kill for a sister. I'm envious of people who have close relationships with their sisters, and I wish I could have the same.

    WITH ALL OF THAT SAID ...I'ma go ahead and add your sister to the list of people I need to scalp.

  5. ahhhhh. that gif. the internet needs it. i'd read during a country concert too...i'm on team sister!
    my sister and i fought so much growing up. it usually revolved around clothes. i can't tell you how many times we were forced to share a closet of limited clothes because we fought over them so many times. there is nothing better than growing up and becoming best friends with your sister, but you're right, all those missed years are heartbreaking.

  6. This is sweet! My sister came along when I was 6 and even though I was thrilled to have a sister I treated her a lot of the same ways as you so eloquently described. So glad to hear you guys are so close! As sisters should be in my opinion!

  7. Love, love, love this...and that you have such a special bond with your sister, I have it with mine, and it is something we can easily take for granted! Love how you are looking forward at all the time and memories you have ahead for you both to share! :)

  8. Awwwwww. This is sweet. I think there is something seriously defective with any sibling who loved the crap out of each other growing up, consider yourself normal.

  9. Sisters are TOUGH, so tough they really are. I totally have regrets about how I treated my little sisters when I lived at home. But then they were little sisters and I was young too and you know, we all grow up and fall back in love with each other!

    That video is hilarious. We need to make it famous somehow.

    Also, another colgate ad! You guys rock that lipstick. So pretty :)

  10. I feel you on this. I really do. I love my sister very much, and you've made me realize I need to tell her that more.

  11. I second Shay's comment entirely. And so glad that things have gotten much better between the two of you, and you more fully appreciate her now!


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