Whatever Wednesday: Top Five Favorite TV Shows

Alissa has called out for everyone's top five favorite TV shows for this week's topic of Whatever Wednesday.  She knows I don't have television, but even still, I have my top five.  And thanks to Netflix, Hulu and DVDs I am able to stay caught up with most of them.  Here they are:

Number One: The Office

Number Two: Friends

Number Three: Parks and Recreation

Number Four: How I Met Your Mother

And last and probably least: The Bachelor/ette

There is a trending theme among these.  Parks and Rec and the Office are pretty much the same in humor and in camera perspective.  HIMYM is just a new version of Friends and the Bachelor/ette are literally the same show.  As you can see, I'm set in my ways of television.

Fill us in one your top five over and leave your link over at Alissa's.



  1. I'm sad I forgot to include Friends. A classic. And I admit I watch the Bachelor/ette. It's horrible but I can't stop.

  2. Whitney, for someone who doesn't have cable, you watch all the shows I don't! I just know that once I start watching The Office, I will go into a hole until it's over and I need to clear my schedule for that.

    I do watch How I Met Your Mother repeats a lot!

  3. You had me alllllt he way until the Bachelor. I don't do that one! The others are ALL my favs too!


    I binge-watched the entire series of How I Met Your Mother last summer. It was impressive, I'm not going to lie. How did I ever live without Ted Mosby? HOW????

  5. office. OBVIOUSLY.
    i've never watched parks and rec, i have a feeling i really need to change that.
    also, HIMYM, jason segel, you have my heart <3

  6. I am so, terribly, awfully behind on the Office that it's embarrassing. Once the final season started airing, I just gave up watching and decided I'd plow through the whole series at once. I love early Office so much though!

  7. I've only got two -- Psych and White Collar. As for which is first and which is second, I cannot for the life of me decide.

  8. Friends. I miss them.
    The Office, I miss Michael so I ditched it.
    The Bach. Only when life permits.

    The rest you're on your own.


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