You Won't Believe This. I Didn't.

So a few weeks ago, Tiffany, Alissa and Kelsey emailed me saying a package was on it's way for my birthday and they wanted me to make a vlog of myself opening it. It showed up on my porch last night around 8 or 9.  I'll pretty much let the video do the talking, because quite frankly I'm still speechless.  You guys are seriously the best.

If you guys are at work and can't watch how this plays out, I will leave you with the end result.

I'm never changing out of it.
I love you guys.


  1. I CANNOT TAKE IT. I AM CRYING AND IT'S NOT EVEN ABOUT ME. I am so glad you love it!!!! And I'm so glad it wasn't laced with anthrax, more than anything.

    I LOVE YOU WHIT!!!!! I expect you to bring that when you visit. :)

  2. AHHHHHHHH! Just in case your reaction wasn't enough (which it was, it TOTALLY was) ...Landon's reaction was great.

    What devil package shows up at your door at 8pm? OH, THE ONE FROM HONG KONG.

    I love that it has pockets.

    AHHH. Love you Whitney!!!

    1. I have watched this so many times...can't get enough.

    2. Also, I'll say it...that's what she said :)

  3. That is so great!!!! I just love the tail and the hood. Priceless.

    Also, you totally deserve awesome things like this. You do. In case you needed a pick-me-up today.

  4. I CAN COMMENT NOW! I just want to say that I am still going to send you jmeoww. WHEN YOU LEAST EXPECT IT.

    Thank you for being patient while the children in hong kong created this masterpiece for you. And apparently walked here to deliver it.

    You are the best giraffe.

  5. Sometimes I come back and watch this because it makes me so happy. STILL. TO THIS DAY.


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