Day 1: Where I Come From

Alright peeps, here we go again, it is time for another blog challenge, this month being: Blogtember!

The topic for today is: 

Tuesday, Sept. 3: Describe where or what you come from. The people, the places, and/or the factors that make up who you are.

Talk about easy topic.  *ahem*  I come from Layton Utah.  It is vital that you DO NOT pronounce the "t" in Layton.  It's the number one way to tell you're a foreigner.  My parents are Tim and Tracie, which one I take after most is a tough decision to make.  In fact, I don't think there is an actual answer to that; we are all basically one person.  My brother Brenden and my sister Mariah are just the same.  Prepare for a personality overload if you ever find yourself hanging out with us.  It's a lot to handle the first time.

Layton is up on a bench, only about 10 miles from the Great Salt Lake.  Due to the lake effect Mother Nature was far more generous with the snow than in most of the rest of the valleys.  The snowbanks were generally always over my head.  Until I hit a growth spurt in 8th grade anyway...  But due to snow being a major part of my life I was hitting the slopes very early in life.  The first 17 years of my life I was a skier.  I kind of hit a plateau around age twelve.  I stuck with it, but I didn't love it as much, but then Landon came along and taught me to board which completely refueled my fire.

Also, most of my life we had our boat.  Making the water as big, if not bigger part of my life as snow.  Tubing, knee-boarding, wake boarding, fishing you name it.  Sun-loving skin is a dominant trait as is the ability to swim.  Water Dog was a well-deserved nick name early in life.

Then came camping.  We tent camped basically my whole life, but around the age of 11, we got a motor home and four wheelers and dirt bikes, and camping spring, summer and fall was a must.  Every holiday weekend, every school break, every chance  we got we found ourselves trucking it up to the mountains or paddling our way out to the sand dunes.  I graduated from four wheelers to my XR 200 and never looked back.  And my ability to ride dirt bikes is what attracted Landon to me in the first place.  So, score.

Utah has a lot to offer as far as outdoor adventures go.  And growing up in this environment, one where people travel from ALL OVER the world, has definitely shaped me into who I am.  I guess the best way to describe it would be "outdoorsy."  

But don't you think for a second that I like hiking. because I don't.


  1. You were the CUTEST child! But I can't say I'm surprised by that!

  2. Slightly envious that you grew up around snow and water, two of my favourite things. Cute pictures.

  3. Am I going to be exiled from your life when I inevitably mispronounce LAYTON? Because it will happen.

    I AM DYING at the pictures of baby Whit. Sweetest face of all time.. and you look exactly the same, just stretched out. I LOVE IT.

  4. In Nebraska we pronounce Norfolk NOR-FORK. Not Nor-folk. That's how you know you're local here. And that we're all idiots.

    1. I'm from Nebraska too, there's Norfolk, Kearney and Beatrice, and most foreigners can't say any of them right :)

  5. So do you pronounce it Lay-on? I want to know so that when I come visit you, I don't look like an idiot.

    We have NO free ski passes this year, which means that I have to take at least one big ski trip. I'm thinking I might as well make it really, really, really big and come see you. Ammon had better get a job so that it's possible.

  6. OHHH Whitney...this boat you speak of. So many questions about what you do with it, where you go, etc.


    Let's go camping while you're here! Like in my backyard, so I can still pee inside. YES!

  7. Found your blog on the link up for the challenge! :)

    You sound like me growing up! I was a fish in the summer, camping 3/4 of the year and a snow bunny in the winter!

  8. You are like glamorously outdoorsy. Which isn't fair.

  9. For a minute I thought you said Layton was 10 miles away from Salt Lake. I was gonna call you a lyin' sack of shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit:)

    Whiters, I love you. I do. Like Whitney Houston always style.

  10. Ohh, I don't know how I would have handled all that snow. But the lake I could handle.

  11. That picture of you and Brenden is adorable!!


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