Day 11: A Memory You'd Love to Relive

Tuesday, September 17: A memory you would love to relive.

ok, lesbehonest, I've kinda been giving the bare minimum effort on these last few posts, but today's topic took me back.  I was going through photos on FB (because how else can I reminisce?) when I broke into our Hawaii photos.  I would freaking LOVE to go back to Kauai. Like with all my heart I would love it. I miss those sunsets out my window, I miss the mountains and the locals and the scenery that usually included Landon's face.  And those fish n' chips? How could I forget. I want to go back. 

so so so soooo bad.

I left a part of me there.  I think it's necessary that I go back to visit her from time to time.


  1. My sister has been to Hawaii twice, and constantly talks about wanting to go back. It looks so perfect!! LET'S ALL GO TOGETHER

  2. TAKE ME WITH YOU! I'll fit in your suitcase. I promise I'll be really quiet so no one will know I'm there.

  3. I want to go with you too. I've never been to Hawaii, and you make it look amazing!

  4. blah blah blah, who would ever want to go back there? GROSS


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