Day 14: Death to Blogtember

WHEW!  Although we are only 19 days into September, Blogtember is officially dead to me.  I don't know why, but I was just dreading every new prompt.  I'd sit down every night and put the very least amount of effort into each post as possible. So here we are again.  Relying solely on my natural wit to get us through another morning.

But- there isn't a whole lot of that running through my system right now.  Because I used ALL MY ENGERY yesterday (and battery life) trying to update my iPhone to the new iOS 7.  I LITERALLY started at 11:03 am- three minutes after it became available to the public and EXTREMELY long story short, it didn't finalize until 7:31 pm.  And even though I'm refusing to go into any details (for fear that you will lose massive amounts of respect for me due to how OBSESSED I was about getting it) just know that I am emotionally drained.  And also know, that it was well worth it.  I LOVE the new design.  AND- in nearly 24 hours a new 32 gb GOLD iPhone 5s will be in my possession.  Or at least Landon's.  He is in charge of obtaining one for me AT (clap) ALL (clap) COSTS (clap).

Oh and good news.  After six weeks of unemployment, Landshark has a job again.
Which means I don't have to feel bad about dropping ungodly amounts of cash on my new phone even though I've been saving for it since March.

suck on that Blogtember.



    RIP Blogtember, it's been real. I didn't have Wifi at work yesterday so I had to wait until like, 730PM to update my iOS and I was DYING ALL DAY. I was making Alissa send me screenshots so I could see what it was like. It took like 2.5 hours between the download and setup, BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. I love it. It slows my phone down because it's a dinosaur iPhone 4, but I will be getting a new phone very soon too! TWINSIESSSSSS


  2. I'm done with Blotember...DONE. Not that I have anything exciting to write about ...whatever!

    Um, holla gurlll! Love that you're getting the gold 5s. My full upgrade is in December, so you can bet your bottom dollar I'll be getting a new phone then.

    Congrats to Landon!

  3. Thank you! Monthly blogging challenges are getting old! I had the same kind if issue with my iPhone update. And I just pre-ordered my new pink Iphone 5C. It's almost sad how excited I am for it.

  4. I've given up with Blogtember too.
    Wow, you have some patience with your phone, I'm not sure I can be bothered updating.
    Congratulations to Landon in his job.

  5. YAY JOB!

    I spent spend an ungodly amount of time looking at the new iphones. Get me one too!

  6. I love this honest post. I was reading some of the posts people made linking to Blogtember and, over time, they started to blend. They felt regurgitated. I know that sometimes prompts can encourage creativity but most often, I think creativity comes within. So I just love your decision and that's probably one of the best lines I read at the end of a post. ;)

  7. YAHOO for a job. This is partly why I didn't do blogtember, I can't handle the prompts!


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