Day 4: At First I Was Afraid- I Was Petrified

Friday, September 6: A story about a time you were very afraid.

Um, ok.  This might be a little hard for me to talk about or even articulate because I'm still a little shook up over it.  Because- it happened last night.  But- I will do my best for you, my dear readers.

Back story:  There is a restaurant here in Heber called Dairy Keen.  They are famous for their shakes.  I usually stuck to my usual cookie dough shake, because I know I love it and I don't like taking risks when it comes to food.  But, a couple months ago, we went and there was a sign on the board that said, 

"Try our NEW Banana NUTELLA shake!"

And I was all, "I like ALL those words."  So I obeyed the sign and ordered up.  Lo and behold my taste buds were sent on a roller coaster of emotions.  First, disbelief.  This shake- it was a lie. It had to be. Then, ecstasy.  High as a kite, my taste buds and I flew.  We had found Nirvana.  And then, incomplete.  When I realized my life would never be lived fully when I didn't have a banana Nutella shake in my hand.  

So the other day I was trying to describe to a co-worker the sheer bliss that is the BanaNutella when it hit me.  PINTEREST!  I didn't have to always been within a five mile radius of D.K. if I could find a copy cat recipe...  Nervously, my shaking fingers typed in "banana nutella shake" into the search bar and two seconds later, my screen was flooded with different recipes, pictures bragging "the BEST" and "#heaven."  I browsed them, looking for what I thought would be the most accurate.  Most were too complex.  This was a simple shake.  A perfect blend of two God Blessed ingredients. I was losing hope when suddenly- I found it.  The simplicity I was looking for.  The clouds parted and angels descended down sunbeams and kissed me gently on each cheek. I committed the recipe to memory and stopped by the grocery store on my way home not even grabbing a basket, but carrying the goods in my arms.

Now, I'm sure you're wondering, "When are you getting to the part when you were afraid?"  The answer is right.....nnnow.  After dinner when everyone had excused themselves from the kitchen and left me behind with the dishes soaking in the sink, I opened the freezer and pulled out the ice-cream.  I retrieved my un-opened jar of Nutella from behind the Saltines and Tostinos.  The bananas were on the counter- untouched because they were on the more ripe side.  I slowly dished out the proper amounts of each and blended to perfection.  Not too chunky, I wanted shake consistency, but not pureed either, with small bits of banana to add substance as well as flavor.  I poured it into my glass and beheld the it in all it's beauty.

I had only taken a second to take a photo and let the Nectar of the God's touch my lips for but a moment. I closed my eyes and sighed for I had found the Holy Grail of copy cat recipes.  And whilst my eyes were closed, the work of the Devil took place.  What witch craft, I cannot explain, but when I opened my eyes my heart broke.  

 What venomous, conniving demon partook of my firmament without my consent?  I was alone; unarmed. What would I do to protect myself from the malignant spirit that lingered in my Mother In-Law's kitchen?  I stood with my back against the pantry door, and slowly slid down clutching my empty glass like a fallen friend.  And would I be next?

The answer is no.  I was fine.  

Minus a radical sugar rush that inspired this outlandish post.
I know you want the recipe, right? k.  The original recipe is from HERE, but I'll save you the trouble of navigating.

5 (smallish) scoops of vanilla ice-cream
1/2 cup of milk
3 T of Nutella
1 browning banana


  1. THE DG PICTURE! Gets me EVERY time.

    Hey, so, listen...if I buy lactaid free milk, and stupid dairy free ice cream, will you make this for me in a few weeks?


  2. You get the best post award! There is a crappy burger place by my house that makes the best shakes in the world. And I always get the banana/nutella one. So I will be trying this recipe out this weekend. Hopefully with less devastating results.

  3. You just went all old testament there for a minute, what with talks of demons and firmaments. But I get it -- milkshakes inspire that kind of devotion. I currently feel that way about the S'mores blizzard at DQ. When it's gone, I'm always sitting there wondering who in the world took the rest of it.


    Make this for me?? THANKS.

  5. So, I don't like Nutella and I despise bananas....
    Still friends?

  6. Epically dramatic picture of the half eaten Nutella and the empty shake cup. Props.

  7. Can I just make a nutella shake? I am a child and won't eat bananas...

    Also you are ridiculous and hilarious and I love you. In the non-creepiest of ways.

  8. Love this story! Thanks for the recipe. Definitely going to have to try it out.

  9. HAHAHAHA this is great and I'm definitely trying that recipe out!!

  10. This might be one of the best things I've ever read.


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