Day 7: Online Shopping

Wednesday, September 11: Share links to your favorite online shops, preferably with a few photos of your favorite items in each shop.

ok, ummmm this is awkward.  Because listen, I don't actually online shop all that much.  Unless it's for something that I need that isn't usually clothes and Amazon Prime can have it shipped in two days.  In my bored Amazon browsing, I have found some put-retty weird things. And instead of showing you my favorite coral pants and mint green shirt combo with bubble necklace, I'm going to uncover the weird side of online shopping.  Don't be anticipating any fashionista discoveries here...
1. Wolf Urine
From the brief description it is to paint the illusion that predators are in the area and is great for "photographers, gardeners, hunters and wildlife enthusiasts."  But due to shipping regulations, it cannot be shipped to California anymore, sorry Tiff.

While this one boasts a great gift for adults, in the comments section a consumer advises against giving it to children because, "Aside from harmless images of guns, the book does contain some adult language, and Brotha Lynch Hung looks like he might be frightening to a two-year-old."

Like, apparently this thing totally yodels.  And it's like, "Why didn't I get this a long time ago after all this time I've wasted trying to teach my pickles how to yodel?"  Amazon had it the whole time.  A satisfied customer had this to say, "My twelve year-old niece asked for the Justin Bieber CD for Christmas, so I bought her this yodeling pickle. Nobody so far can tell the difference." Score.

So, out of the "weird things" section on Amazon, I find this one to be the most useful so far.  Because I've always thought that about bars of soap in the shower.  I personally just stick with body wash and face wash so I don't have to deal with the problem of washing my face with butt soap.  Just a warning from another customer, "I noticed that there is, at the time of writing this review, one "used" butt face soap available for sale. Thank you kind sir, or madam, but I'll pass on your used butt face soap."

While this is a nice thought, it doesn't sound promising.  Especially in the description where it says:
  • No Batteries Required - Powered By Positive Thinking
  • Exert Absolute Control Over Subject
  • Point At Subject: Press Button: Hope For Best

I guess if you get to that point of desperation where hope is all you have left, then maybe this is for you.

Annnd there you have it.  I found that Amazon is a lot like youtube in the sense that there are these dark corners where the weirdoes hang out.  And sometimes you cross over on accident and have a hard time finding your way back. 


  1. Gangsta rap coloring book? I NEED IT.

  2. HAHAHAHA I love everything about this post.

  3. I'm with Kelsey. I need myself that gangsta rap coloring book and I need to color in it during Thanksgiving dinner and things.

  4. UGH but where will I get my deerbuster for all the deer that try to get in my apartment?!? LIFE IS HARD.

  5. I am half amazed, half disturbed by these things you find. 100% amused.

  6. YODELING PICKLE. I also need that coloring book.

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