Fire Fighters and Tangled Hair

I watched Chicago Fire last night, you know, instead of blogging.  I'm not even mad.

Also, I heard something on the tv in the background that said something along the lines of, "the only thing more annoying than conditioner that doesn't detangle your hair."  And I thought, I don't think there is anything that is more annoying than that.  In fact, probably some of the worst hissy fits I've thrown has been due to tangled hair.  I throw brushes when that happens.  And then the brushes break.  And that usually leads to disappointment tears and swearing.  I think that was one of the least expected things Landon has faced in our marriage.  He has no sisters, so he doesn't get bathroom drama.

So far, the worst conditioner for me is Treseme.  Anything else has done me well.  I like to stick with Dove or Herbal Essences.  Wow.  How about that for a tangent.  Meh.  I got fire fighters on the brain.


  1. WHEW I am SO on the Chicago Fire bandwagon. Severide is SO HOOOOOOOOT! Why is dating Lady Gaga in real life? He needs to come to me!

  2. I tried a conditioner that my hairdresser told me about after she bleached the eff out of my hair, but it made my hair SO GREASY when I used it every day. I only use it once or twice a week now, and it works.

    NOTE TO SELF: Get Dove or Herbal Essences for next week.

  3. DOVE PRODUCTS FOR LIFE. I am loyal to Dove, maybe to a fault. I think it's because my aunt has called me "Dove" since I was a baby.. BUT WHATEVER.

  4. It never occurred to me that bathroom drama is a real thing until you said that. I have faced a lot of bathroom drama. Including that spider we kept under a cup for a week. That was pretty dramatic.


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