How I know it's Autumn and why I like it

-I forgo my afternoons and evenings outside for 1 1/2 hour long bubble baths where I read, read, read.

-Football is on 5 days out of 7.  And that's not annoying to me anymore. (Landon, what have you done to meeeeee?)

-Don't come at me for this, but I DO NOT like pumpkin flavored anything.  Except pumpkin pie but it has to be super sweet with enough whipped cream to cover up any orange.  I DO, however, love anything apple flavored and scented.  Because it's crisp.  Just like the air and leaves outside.

-the leaves. duh.  I feel like I get to take in the colors so much more this year due to my commute that literally goes through the mountains for 55 minutes.  It's gorgeous and I love it.  Don't expect the same answer when the snow starts to fall though.  That drive is one of the most dangerous in Utah.  

-I'm comfortable wearing scarves again.  Because I don't really ever stop wearing scarves throughout the year, but from about May-September they are somewhat counter productive in the body heat department.  

-All my favorite tv shows are back on.  Even though I don't actually watch them on tv.  I usually download them and watch them all at once on the weekends.  But still, now I only have to go a week to find out what happens next instead of months.

-I have to start my truck in the morning about 20 minutes before I leave so the windshield is defrosted.  This is a love/hate thing though.  Because I have to go outside at like 5:30 am in my bathrobe and socks and it's freezing and dark and a little scary.  BUT- when it's time to go, my truck is toasty warm.

-FLEECE SHEETS.  Remember how I bought new sheets like- three weeks ago?  Well, we bought more from overstock like- one week ago.  They are thick, red fleece.  And they are so WARM!!  We sleep in the basement, so it's like, freezing down here all the time.  But with the new sheets I don't even care.  I'm so cozy tucked in tight between Landon and Shadow.

-Another remedy to the freezing basement is the wood burning stove.  We lit it a couple times last week, but then it got up into the high 70's again so we haven't had a fire for a few days.  But MM!! I love it when there's a fire roaring in there.

-Hot cocoa from 7 Eleven.  There is none better than the cocoa at Sev. 

The list goes on and on.  But I don't have to tell you, do I? Autumn is the blogger's season.


  1. I don't like pumpkin flavored anything either! But I love scarves, oh and all the leaves!

    You're in luck, I have fleece sheets I plan on putting on the bed in my spare room.



    I flipping love wearing scarves. I wish it was crisp Fall-y scarf weather all the dang time. I also don't like pumpkin anything. WE ARE THE MINORITY.

  3. I have been apple obsessed this year. They are just so dang delicious.

    I had to scrape my car and defrost it yesterday. I wanted to cry at how quickly the cold weather is returning

  4. Don't feel bad about the pumpkin flavored stuff. I only like very few pumpkin related foods. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies? Barf.

    Also, what has Landon done to yooooooooouuuuuu? Football!? Whyyyyyyyy!!!

  5. Autumn is the blogger's season. Truer words have never been blogged.


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