I'm glad I finished my food first.

Last night, we went out to dinner with some friends.  We ate our food and talked and laughed for about an hour or so, paid the tab and were just sitting there- digesting and talking some more.  When a lady came in and was seated in the booth right next to ours.

She was a- large woman.  She was alone, but she was very pleasant to her servers and they treated her as a usual customer.  She had been sitting for...eh... twenty seconds til it hit us.  This smell. This horrible, horrible smell!  I thought at first I was the only who smelled it.  I thought maybe it was an entree that had gone wrong in the worst way. But it only got stronger as the seconds passed.  I looked over at Landon who's face had drained of color as his eyes darted around the room- searching.  And then he met mine and his eyes grew wide as he mouthed the words, "Is that her?!" and nodded his head in our new neighbor's direction.  I don't know!! I mouthed back and covered my nose and mouth immediately.  I looked to my friend on the other side of me.  She smelled it too.  And her husband.  And my friend and her husband on the other side of Landon.  All of us, stopped dead in our conversation because talking meant breathing.  Not two minutes had passed  since the lady had taken her seat before I started gagging.  Like, LITERALLYNOTFIGURATIVELY GAGGING!  Without even verbally agreeing to leaving the premises we all stood and vacated the building. All the while, I'm still dry heaving, even after the woman is far out of sight.

It was so bad you guys.  SO BAD.  Toxic.
And that is what you get from me on this Wednesday.


  1. YUUUCK. I don't even know what to say. Good thing you got out of there when you did!!!!!!

  2. There may or may not be people in my office that have similar problems....THE WORST.

  3. I'm guessing it was worse than when we left that basically raw meat in Joanna in the hot July sun. Or worse than when Brant left his calzone in your car.


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