I've Fallen for Fall

Oh boy.  This weekend you guys, it was a BUSY. I'm finally settling down I feel like after a crazy summer of work.  You know, I'd get home and be super tired and I'd only want to spend weekends laying out by the pool and relaxing.  But now?  I dunno.  I'm just pumped to hang out with friends and go to football games and go shopping....

Ugh. Except for the shopping part... I went and dropped WAY MORE money than I ever wanted to on some new fall clothes for my trip to NY in a WEEK!!!  The chick who was helping me find pants and stuff just kept bringing me more and more clothes and.  I felt like I had a personal buyer.  I couldn't say no to the clothes.  I don't feel THAT guilty about it, because I don't remember the last time I went shopping, so I'm over due for new clothes. But man, that hurts the heart watching those little green numbers pop up on the screen and you're trying to figure out how you can survive on $3 for the rest of the week as you hand over your debit card.  Oh well, I'll look super fly, no one will know I'm super poor.

And along with the new clothes, I painted my nails again.  I'm actually getting pretty good at this who gel overlay stuff.  I'm starting to get a little more daring than just solid colors and a glittery accent nail.  I was super impressed with myself when I whipped out the leopard print.

I love this pink glaze color except for the fact that it is a little transparent so when I get dirt under my fingernails at work, you can see it.  So I just have to wash my hands a lot. Other than that, it's great.

And Saturday night, after we shopped we met up with all our friends at a sport's grill to watch the Utah game.  Landon won't ever cheer for Utah but right now he is hoping they come in 6th in the Pac 12 so they play BYU in the Fight Hunger Bowl.  He wants a chance at redemption.  The sheer thought of it gives me anxiety.  I don't know if Landon's heart can take another loss to Utah.  Whether or not that happens, we had a great time and unlike most of the rest of the state, some of our best friends are rivals.

The game started at 8 and went til about midnight.  I felt bad for our waiter who had to wait on us for four hours.  Jordyn and I actually dipped out around half time and hit up Target for awhile. 

Sunday, we played around in the leaves with the dog and breathed in the crisp, fall air.  I'm so happy it's still warm out so we can enjoy this weather.  And it's so much better this year because we are up in Heber Valley, I get to enjoy Autumn so much better up here than I did in Orem.

Those pumpkins didn't last the night though, it was only a couple hours until we went after them with a knife.  It was a little on the difficult side since we were using like, kitchen knives and not pumpkin carving knives, but I think mine turned out pretty ok.

Here is a fun tip:  If you are using a Sharpie to draw out the face you're going to carve and you carve inside the lines on accident?  Rubbing alcohol will take that right off.  YER WELCOME.

This has been one of the best Autumn's I've had in the last few years.  It might just be that I'm in an actual house for the first time in five years, and I'm finally out of that college town.  It's just way more cozy this year.  AND I get to spend a week of it in New York.  IN(clap)ONE(clap)WEEK(clap).


  1. Rubbing alcohol is such a good tip. I always use spit (ewww) and that never works. Although, I haven't carved a pumpkin yet this year and that should probably change next week when you're in NEW YORK.

    Good for you and your shopping spree. I've been trying hard not to shop, but I really really do need new jeans.

    The O'Doole's picture is my favorite ever.

  2. I am in such dire need of clothes but shiver at the thought of spending money on them, because they might only be for this one season (with prego bump). UGH. And I can't find last time's clothes, so now I am just hating my wardrobe HARD.

    I'm excited that you got new clothes for you trip though. Nothing makes you feel better! Well, maybe buying clothes and still knowing you have lots of money left over, but that's just a rich people luxury. ;)

  3. Props on the pumpkin. And your nails. I couldn't whip out a leopard print like that.

  4. Please save me $$$ and give me a gel manicure in ONE WEEK when we will be close enough to touch one another's faces.

    Also, I can't wait to see all your new clothes.

    Also also, bring Shadow in your carry-on.

  5. Love your nails - esp that little leopard fella!

  6. OMG, your clothes. THEY'RE SO PERFECT.

    just in case I forget to tell you.

    Whit. This is happening. I'm so excited.

  7. When I paint my nails, it looks like I let my four year old nephew do them. I am in awe of your skills.


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