My babys not having babies.

I got home from work yesterday and walked in the door where I'm usually greeted by jumps and licks from the Shad Man. But this time, he was slow to approach me, and when he finally got to me, he just pushed his dry nose against my hand and stood there like it had drained him of all the energy he had. I looked at him and could tell something was wrong and my mother in law was like, "Yeah... he's not feeling too good." And I became immediately worried, I thought he was super sick and I was like, "Why??" And she said, "He went to the vet today. Got all his shots up to date and he got neutered."

And then I understood his lethargic-ness. Sure, some of it was the anesthesia wearing off, but that dog was straight up depressed. I laid on the ground with his, petting him and loving on him, but the time came when the cone of shame was necessary. And the he lost all will to live. He won't eat or drink while he is wearing it and he barely walks because it catches on every drawer and wall he walks next to.

I keep trying to tell him it will get better. But I don't think he believes me.

Not even a little bit. #prayforshadow



    Poor baby. I'm sure he will be back to normal in no time!

  2. Oh sweet thing. He really didn't take this well but I guarantee you in a week he'll be back chasing Landon in no time!

  3. Poor baby!! That second picture is so sad, I can't even look at it. Give him a squeeze for me!!!!

  4. At least he can't get your shoes with the cone on... Poor guy! Hope he gets to feeling better soon!

  5. Aw the poor thing in his cone of shame. Hope he's back to normal in no time! :)

  6. Ahhhahahaha #prayforshadow. Perfect. Could he look more pathetic?! Poor baby.


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