My Mom Goes to College

So last weekend my mom called me up at like, 9:45 at night asking if she could email me her essay for her application into the BFA program she was applying for.  She had to have it posted to her blog by midnight along with the rest of her portfolio.  I was at my friend's apartment (where they don't have internet) so I was like, "Yeah, send it to me and I'll read it on my phone and call you back with my notes."  But then her internet decided to crash or her email was refusing to work or whatever, anyway we were both getting super frustrated with the fact I wasn't getting the email.  And I thought maybe it was my phone's fault and it wasn't accepting the email... I dunno. I was panicking.  My mom was at the point of "I don't care anymore" because who knows how many hours she had put into all those projects and assembling her blog portfolio and had just hit "the wall" you know which one.  I was like, "No mom.  We are going to get your essay proof read!" So I called up my best friend Kayleigh and was like, "What are you doing right now?"  And she was all, "Watching re-runs of the Office. Why?"  And I was like, "I know it's late, but my mom needs someone to proof read her essay for her BFA application that is due at midnight."  And of course Kayleigh loves anything that has to do with proof reading and editing because she is a NERD.  And also the same likes of nerd that my mom is considering they're both like, graphic design/typography gurus.  So I was like, "Cool.  Give it a couple minutes and she will email it to you."  So I called my mom back and gave her Kayleigh's email address, but nothing in life is easy including sending an important email at 10:30 at night.  When all hope that an email might actually go out seemed lost, it finally hit me.

"Mom- I know your email isn't working, but could you maybe just publish it to your blog so Kayleigh can read it that way, and then she can send you her ideas and you go can go in and edit the post?"

"I don't know.... Let me see..."

And just like any feel good story, the last second epiphany worked like a charm.  Kayleigh was able to proof read (way better than I ever would have) and help my mom out with just enough time for her to make her final changes and submit everything with time to spare.

And yesterday I got this text:

I couldn't be more proud of her.  And maybe I'm living vicariously through her success because you know... I'm a five year college student over here. Major? Undecided.




    Could the two of you be any prettier? Doubt it.

    You should major in packing...packing for New York. AH.

  2. GO MOM!!! You two are such beauties!!

    Will there be slack-lining to celebrate? INVITE ME.

  3. Man, I'm really behind on your blog. I'm so glad your mom got in. Her essay was awesome.


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