This was the sky yesterday.  Cloudless.  I took Shadow for a walk despite it being in the low 50's.  The sun was out, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky, and I figured there might not be many days like this ahead of us.  We got to the park about a mile down the road and I just went and laid down in the grass and looked straight up.  I found myself lost in a moment of nostalgia, because when I was little, like 3rd grade little, I used to love being able to look up in the sky and only see sky.  So much of it, that not even the trees or swing sets stood idly in my peripheral.

And I laid there as a child again, wind blowing through my messy braid. I could only see that airy, blue nothing.  And that was all I wanted to see. That's all I wanted to focus on.



  1. Dude. Mountain towns have the best sky in the world.

  2. oh my I love this. I was right there with you lying down and looking up. And the fact that you had a moment of nothing in a world full of constant everythings is so special in and of itself.

  3. That sky is absolutely perfect! Those are the best days! :)


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