We Love Jazz Games

My dad scored a whole bunch of tickets to the Utah Jazz vs Portland Trailblazers game last night.  Damian Lillard (plays for Portland) went to Weber State where my dad is a professor and they are like BFFs.  So we went to support the Jazz.  And Damian whenever he made a basket.  Which was actually a lot.  And of course spend quality time with family and friends. And also try to ignore blast from the past booty calls sitting five rows down.

That hair tho!! amirite? good times.


  1. Whitney, I'm so dumb. I saw your snapchat and thought you were at a jazz concert.

    1. you're a jazz-hole, Alissa. A dumb-jazz. YOU'VE BEEN HAZED

  2. Sheesh. Your hair. Now I feel really bad I couldn't make it. My would-be date was smokin' hawt.


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