Why I've Sucked at Blogging this Week

BECAUSE I don't know.  Actually yes I do.  I've been really devoted to a book I was reading.  And I finished yesterday on my lunch break.  Also, I tried not to get tears on my turkey sub.  I have Amazon Prime, so you know...free shipping, and streaming movies and tv shows and of course the option to borrow specially marked e-books.  Well, it's been hit and miss with the free books.  I've read a couple good ones, and just as many groaners.  But- last night, I got real crazy with the wallet and BOUGHT a book with my own husband's money.  FOUR DOLLARS.  I keep seeing this quote on pinterest:
And I decided it was mystified by it enough to buckle down and buy the damn thing.  You can bet that's what I'll be spending my weekend on.  That and running a 5k in the snow.  Kill me.


  1. Get ready to bawl your flipping eyes out at that book. It's amazing. I read it in one day.

  2. You're running a 5k? Who are you and what have you done with Whitney?

    Also, tell me how the book is. I've heard many good things about it but didn't want to commit to buying it just yet.


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