It's Not Goodbye....It's Good Riddance, You Piece of Sh....

So according to instagram, it was about a year and a half ago when the ol Dakota broke down in the middle of the desert in 100+ degree weather.  I thought I was going to die of heat stroke that day.

 And ever since then, that truck has been nothing but trouble.  We had to get a whole new motor after that, then once that was fixed and thousands of dollars later, the transmission went out.  Had to get a refurbished one of those.  The windshield wipers only worked on the highest setting, the ac/heater only came out of the defrost vents, the check engine light refused to turn off and the four wheel drive crapped the bed.  More money was put into this lemon truck that what Landon originally bought it for.

Well, last night we washed our hands of it in the Harmon's parking lot in the middle of a harsh winter storm.  With cash in hand, we walked away without looking back.  Most people really bond with their vehicles like their another member of the family, but not this one.  This one was a money sucking vampire that smelled like stale cigarrettes.

I'm glad it's gone.
I'm so freaking glad.

The Freaking Neighbors.

So, I have a vague recollection of talking about one of my fears on the blog awhile back.  Probably during the Blog Everyday in May challenge. ANYWAY.  One of my fears is police officers or getting pulled over.  Because they like to give me tickets like- WHENEVER they pull me over.  Even when I wasn't doing something that bad if at all.  But that's just one white teen girl's opinion over an "officer of the law's..."  So imagine the heart attack I have basically every morning when I drive past this douche bag's house with the red and blue lights in their lamp post:

You don't see them until you speed past them in the wee morning hours.  And as you're driving past that and the trees it looks like they are flashing.  It gets me EVERY MORNING.  Slamming on my brakes is a normal part of my morning routine.  I don't know these neighbors, but I hate them.

One Day When You Get Married....

So the other day, I was in the bathroom doing my hair, shadow was laying on the floor with his head behind the toilet and Landon was next to me shaving or something.
Landon was just finishing up and started to walk out of the bathroom when Shadow got up to follow him. He almost got out the door when he stopped and started to eat something off the floor.  It was a bobby pin. I was like, "Shadow, stop!! Don't eat my bobby pins!" When I heard from the other room, "Do it Shadow! Eat them all!" And Landon reappeared around the corner and Shadow looked him in the eye as Landon said, "One day when you get married? You will find that your wife had a million bobby pins. And she leaves them EV-ERY-WHERRRRRE."

Another thing Landon didn't know about because he didn't have any sisters.

Well, That Didn't Help...

So listen, Landon applied for health insurance from his work mmm....about three and a half weeks ago. And then about three weeks ago, he got really sick.  I thought maybe it was the flu or something.  Like he had a fever and really bad chills and he was coughing and had a super bad headache.  Well, all of that went away like two days later.  Except for the coughing.  The cough has persisted through the weeks and it's had me worried.  Especially because his health insurance hasn't kicked in yet so I can't take him to the doctor.  He has been showing a few of the symptoms of walking pneumonia. yikes, right?  Well, I took really good care of him over the last few weeks and didn't catch whatever he's got, but then we went to the BYU game Saturday afternoon in the freezing rain and snow and we both came back worse than when we left.

Landon says it was totally worth it.  I think that's the fever talking.  Meanwhile, I'm over here hacking up my lungs, cursing the bad weather and my immune system that finally failed after so much exposure.
But here is the new plan: I'm insured, so I'll just go and share whatever goods I get from the doctor with Landon.  hashtag loopholes.  In the meantime however, those Doterra Oils really hold their own.

Even though I'm burdened with sickness, my fingernails were in desperate need of a manicure, so I bucked up and painted them along with my mother in law's.  I'm really digging these ones.  And I'm super proud of myself for busting out the right hand as good if not better than my left one.

maybe I'll just quit college and go to cosmetology school.  That sounds like more fun anyway.

Jogging Photography

You know on Yes Man where Zooey Deschanel teaches the jogging photography class?  I do that.  I mean, I don't teach, but I take Shadow jogging when I get home from work.  But it's probably not even considered exercise anymore because we are always stopping to take photos. I can't help it.  Going jogging in Heber is like jogging through a vacation home magazine.  For instance:

 or how about this:

and how could I resist this:

and after all the stopping to take pictures, I usually get a look like this from my running partner:

After my trip to NY, I had so much to talk about. But I'm back to the ol' grind where the most interesting thing I do on my week days is run with my dog down a rocky path, taking pictures while simultaneously trying not to break my ankle on a rock.  

But- here is what I'm looking forward to:  there are TWO ski resorts open already.  I'm not going to lie when I say that I'd rather ditch out on the last BYU home game and hit up some early slope-age.  Especially because we got a snow storm headed our way tonight.  I can't wait to live to ride again!
It's about time winter showed it's face around these mountains.

Things That Make Me Happy and Why

So, I'm TOTALLY copying Alissa's theme in posting about things that make me happy.  Because I have nothing else to talk about. So why not talk about things that make me smile? Here we go.

1. This song:

Because the other night I had it playing on my phone while we were driving down the canyon.  Landon and I weren't talking, we were just enjoying each other's company in silence when Landon reached over and took my hand and squeezed it.  Which means he was listening to the words and felt that way about me. It made me smile and probably made it my favorite song right now.

2. this game:

anyone reading this- go download it now, and friend me.  My username is whitneycalle.  It's got hundreds of quizzes for movies, celebrities, animals, food. You name it, there is probably a quiz for it.  It's SO addicting.  And you can challenge people to quizzes.  Landon and I have been play against each other all day.

3. Tom Hiddleston/Loki

I am SO Team Loki over here.  I have been the whole time.  And we saw Thor over the weekend and I  fell in love all over again.  Landon thinks I'm crazy.  But whatever.  THE HEART WANTS WHAT THE HEART WANTS!!

4. My new gold iPhone 5s.  Yeah.  It finally came last week.  I only had to wait two months for it, cursing Apple everyday it didn't show up on my door step.  But it is here and I love it more than my first born.  I can say that because I don't have a first born.  But don't be surprised if I stand by that statement after I do have a kid.

5. My family:

My cousin, the tall blonde kid back there just got home from his mission in Texas.  I haven't seen in TWO YEARS and we all got together to celebrate his homecoming on Sunday.  I love my family so much, they seriously are the best friends I have and they know my heart better than most.

I especially love my dad back there photo bombing.  Can't wait to hang out with them more over Thanksgiving.

I'm Not Allergic to Cats, but....

So I don't know if a lot of you remember Tom Selleck.  The cat that lived across the street from me in  Lindon and decided it wanted to live at my house for awhile?  And maybe I swayed that decision by feeding it turkey and imitation crab whenever she came over.  Well, sad story is I didn't see her for a couple months before we moved and I feared the worst.  That somehow Tom passed away.  She was a roamer, so I don't know if she got hit by a car or got lost... Something happened though and I was very sad about it for a long time.  I'm still sad about it.  I loved that cat.

ANYWAY.  I think Tom Selleck reincarnated and found me or something because on Saturday I was chilling on the couch, playing on my phone while Landon watched the BYU game on tv. All of the sudden Shadow ran behind the couch after Kenyon's cat and we heard the her hissing like she always does, but something was a little off about how Shadow was being persistent after this cat. Usually he gets bored after she swats at him a couple times.  Landon looked behind the couch and saw this orange cat laying by the door.  This orange cat was NOT Kenyon's cat.  We had never seen this cat before in our life, and here it was hanging out in our living room like it owned the place.

We didn't know what to do, so I walked over slowly to try to catch it.  And surprisingly enough it wasn't difficult, the cat just let me pick him up, no big deal.  I was expecting it to bite and claw at me, you know? So I didn't put it outside immediately, I love nice cats, I decided I'd let it sit on my lap for a few minutes.  Well, the cat started purring and purring and PURRING.  I was dying.  It was so sweet.  So I layed down and the cat curled up on my chest and passed out.  I actually got scared for a second, because when it fell asleep, it stopped purring and I thought it died or something.

We snuggled like this for a good hour just enjoying each other's company, while I silently plotted on how to convince my mother-in-law to let me keep this cat that probably belonged to a next door neighbor when suddenly my neck started to itch.  It wasn't anything big, just a little tickle, but over the coarse of the next twenty minutes, my neck and chest were COVERED in hives.  It was even made it's way on my face about up to my cheek bones.  My skin was extremely hot to the touch and it itched more than anything has ever itched in my LIFE.  (this picture doesn't nearly do the reaction justice.)

Now, you must know that I'm not allergic to anything.  Unless it's the air in Spring and Fall, I get a little sneezy, but I've never in my life broken out in hives like I did on Saturday.  And I still don't think that I was allergic to the cat, I think it was maybe out in some weeds or grass that irritated my skin.  Regardless, I had to put my brand new friend outside and lay in misery until the reaction went away. 

My next plan of action is to catch the cat again, give it a bath and snuggle it again.  And if I don't break out in hives from Hell, then we'll work on convincing my mother-in-law to adding yet another animal to the zoo we live in.

If Your iPhone 5s Won't Connect to Wifi Even Though Everyone Else's Will

Ok, so listen.  I'm not really one to post "how-to's" on my blog.  Mostly because I'm usually the one who is looking for them, not posting them.  But something happened at work yesterday that had me super frustrated and after all day on google trying to find the answer, we finally figured out a solution.

So this was the problem:

I got my new iPhone 5s in the mail Thursday night.  I just barely switched from Sprint to AT&T as well.  I got it all set up and had it connected to the wifi at the house and everything was working just fine.  Then I went to work yesterday.  I opened up my wifi to connect at work, it could see the network and I put the password in just fine, but it wouldn't connect.  It just had that little grey circle that spins forever.
I was getting super frustrated because I didn't have unlimited data anymore and I didn't want to be at work all day using data when I could be on wifi, ya know?  And the other thing was that everyone else's phones were connected just fine.  The computers were working, everything was fine except for me.  I googled and googled things to fix the problem.  These are things you can try, but they didn't work for me in this case:
- you can click that little blue "i" next to the wifi network and choose "forget network" at the top and then re-click it and enter the password again.  That works for some, I did it like twelve times, nothing.

-you can go into settings>general>reset>reset network.  That will reboot your phone for about 10 seconds and you will have to go enter you password in again.  I did that like eight times, nothing.

-you can hold the sleep button and the home button at the same time until the phone reboots itself and the apple logo appears on the screen.  I did that probably ten times, you guessed it, nothing.

-you can reset the router.  I unplugged and plugged it back in twice, nothing.

By this point, there was nothing else on the internet that could help me except someone saying the phone had a defect and I'd have to get a new one.  And I'm pissed over here because I had  to get the gold iPhone and if I had to go order a new one I'd be waiting another 5-9 weeks.  AND I JUST GOT IT YESTERDAY.  I was not ready to give up just yet.  So here is what a co-worker and I ended up doing with my stupid AT&T iPhone 5s that wouldn't connect to the wifi:

She had a Verizon phone that was connecting to the network just fine, so we had her open her settings>wifi>click on the network and it opens up the info on the network like this:
Now, if you are on the "DHCP" thing right there, all that info should connect by itself.  That is what my phone WAS NOT doing.  What I did was click on the "Static" on the far right.  All that is blank and you can enter your own info.  So, I looked at her phone and entered all the info that was on her DHCP into my Static.  And then I hit Renew Lease down there at the bottom.  And then it asked me if I was sure I wanted to "renew the lease" and I hit "yes" and bam, the wifi connected.

I don't know if this is a fool-proof plan since a lot of other people had the other methods work for them.  But maybe this one is the go-to if all else fails.  It's kind of a hassle to type in all those numbers, but if it works, it works. Right? Right.  Hope this helps anyone who experienced the same frustration I did.

Utah Goes to New York Day 5

We woke up early early Friday morning to go to the big city.  We were taking the train and from Mechanicville it was about a 3 hour ride.  We didn't anticipate the traffic being as heavy as it was on our way to the train station in Albany though, and we ended up missing the first train.  We were kind of bummed at first, but in retrospect it was a good thing. The blisters on the bottom of my feet at the end of the day had me wanting to crawl.  I don't know what I would have done with another hour and a half on them.  The train ride was quiet and peaceful for the most part.  Until that is we hit a fallen tree on the track and the engineer wanted to stop to make sure the train was ok.  Alissa was like, "This has literally never happened to me before."  And the rain was pounding on the windows outside, I was just waiting for the dementors to board the train.  Luckily no damage was done and we were back on our way to the Big Apple.

We got there just in time to make it into the next tour of Ground Zero.  You have to go through heavy security like you would in an airport.  And get this.  I had my pepper spray in my purse.  Like, my really good stuff that didn't come cheap.  And I was thinking If I tell them about it, they will take it away.  So, I just buried it under all my stuff in my purse and sent it through the x-ray machine and totally made it through.  I had no intention of using it in there or anything, but I didn't want to lose it.  I'm still kind of surprised they didn't catch me though.

Ground Zero had a very sacred ambiance to it.  It was so quiet in there.  All you could hear was the waterfalls in the memorial of the buildings.  It was gorgeous.

This is the new World Trade Center and the Survivor Tree.  It was amazing to see what survived and what  has come of the whole thing.  The new building is beautiful and strong.  I just stared at it.

After Ground Zero we walked a few blocks down to meet up with Liesl, a fellow blogger over at Fabulous Fashion.  She took us to this little pub for lunch.  I loved walking up the cobblestone streets and seeing the history in the buildings.  Like I said a few posts ago, there is nothing like that in Utah. Liesl is such a doll.  She was so warm and out going it was like she was our friend all along.  It was great to sit and chat with her and hear about life in NYC.

 After lunch, Leisl took us down the road to where a movie was being filmed.  We stood outside watching this sushi restaurant that had been dressed up to look like a hotel waiting for Keanu Reeves to come out.  It took them an hour to get the camera in the right place and the car outside the sushi hotel shiny enough before they told us we were in the way and had to move.  We decided we didn't want to see Keanu Reeves bad enough to keep waiting.  Though if it had been Ryan Gosling we would have camped out all night.

 When we finally left the movie set, Liesl took us to the Pier where Alissa (our Titanic passenger in a past life) tried not to make any eye contact with large boats.  She explained the layout of the city and gave us directions to the places we wanted to go.  Honestly, without her help we would have wandered aimlessly around the city the rest of the day.

Times Square was next on our list and even though we weren't there very long, it was awesome to see this iconic block of the city.  Alissa showed us where the ball drops every New Year's Eve.  I got to see the giant Coca Cola sign.  All the signs really were just beautiful in their own electronic sort of way.

We tried finding the Empire State Building for longer than you would think it would take.  And we never actually made it inside because we had to get to a dinner date with another blogger, but it was amazing to see towering over it's neighboring sky scrapers in the glow of the sunset.

The day in the city felt somewhat rushed.  It's impossible to do NYC in a day, but I feel like I saw everything I wanted to.  And I even experienced almost getting run over by a taxi.  Really though, that was terrifying.  

Utah Goes to New York Day 4

So as you all remember, last Thursday was Halloween.  We made plans to go to this little farm where they had shops and a corn maze.  But unfortunately all of America (I swear) was in the midst of a monsoon.  We drove past it and decided we didn't want to go get lost in a maze in a down pour.  So we did the next best thing.  We went to Troy.  Or as the locals call it: The Troylet. They say it's super sketchy and you'll probably get shot or something there.  But Alissa kept us in the nicer side of town while we ran from boutique to boutique shopping for some Troy treasures.

I got the coolest earrings there and Alissa found herself some sexy, studded boots.  Also, I got a complimentary sticker that says, "Troyalty."  And the first day back to work, it made it's way onto my hard hat.  Nobody at work better forget that I'm legit Troyalty here.

And despite Troy's shady reputation, it still was beautiful with all the fall colors and the rain.  Oh, and it's home to the cutest little Italian bakery where I had my first ever canoli. Right?! Never had fried pickles OR a canoli before this trip?  How have I lived??  Doesn't matter.  I think I'd prefer my first tastes to be in New York anyway.  I think all food is better in New York.

We got back to Alissa's house in time to shower up and get ready for our little Halloween party over at Alissa's brother and sis-in-law's pad.  I had been pondering for weeks what I'd be for Halloween this year, well, more pondering what I'd be able to pack in my suitcase.  It was initially my mom's idea to be a giraffe, but I thought of the beanie baby idea.  I was Twigs the Giraffe. With totally natural eyelashes.

As for the rest of the party: Shay was Miranda Sings, Alissa was Theresa from Long Island Medium, Heather was a baseball player and Bridgette was an owl. I think.  Or a werewolf... Motley crew, right?

We had delicious food, conversation and company.  And I died watching Alissa answer the door to the trick-or-treaters and ask them ridiculous questions.  Like this kid came to the door with this big blue wig on and Alissa was like, "Is that your real hair?"  and the kids would just stare at her like, "No...? give me my candy..." I couldn't handle it.

I don't know if I'll ever have another Halloween be as great as that one.  Nor will I ever have a comfier costume.

Utah Goes to New York Day 3

Ok guys, so it's super late and I just got home from a party, so today's recap is going to be a tad on the shorter side.  Which actually works out great because  last Wednesday was probably the most chill day we had in NY.  Unless you talk to Shay, because her whole universe was shattered when she was brought a fried green tomato BLT at the Ugly Rooster.

OMG! IT WAS THE BEST. SANDWICH. EVER.  Or so she says, I didn't ever try one, but we will all have to take her word for it.  Something changed in her that day.  And I think it's because of the FGTBLT. Oh, and I tried fried pickles for the first time.  They are delicious.

We also went back to the second largest Wal Mart in the country and danced.  We did what? We danced.  Like a bunch of idiots.  Because Shay made us.  She wore the pants that day.

Utah Goes to New York Day 2

So Tuesday, Alissa hit up work for a half day while Shay and I tried to adjust to the time change and recover from jet lag.  And since she wasn't there for the morning, I was sure to keep her updated with snap chats of Shay sleeping and me and her cats.  Please take a moment to enjoy her cat's face:

When Liss got home, she took us on the tour of her home town and to the second largest Wal Mart in the country.  Where there was TWO stories and and escalator for your grocery cart.  More time was spent in the Wal Mart than one would expect on a vacation.  But it was too cool. Then we went to dinner at Red Robin and to Forever 21 after where Shay had to pretend she had never been.
After dinner we went to the movie Carrie.  You know, the Stephen King one?  It was sad.  I wasn't scared, I was just super bummed out.  And if I was Carrie?  I probably would have done the same thing.  Except for the end where *SPOILER ALERT* her mom stabs her in the back and she picks up her mom with her telekinetic powers and slams her against the wall and then grabs all the knives with her mind and brutally stabs her mom to death with ever serrated object in the house.  At which point, I leaned over to Alissa and said, "Now see, what she should have done was pushed her mom away and called Child Protective Services and let them handle it.  Now it's going to look like she killed her." 

You would think the dinner and movie would be the end of our evening, but no. Not even close.  We got back and decided to take on the Bean Boozled challenge.  What is that, you ask?  I'll let this vlog of us explain it all.  It was horrible.  I'll never do it again in my life.

And if that wasn't enough, we also did the "do each other's make up while blind folded" challenge.
There is a vlog of this as well, but it needs to be edited a lot.  We got quite a bit on film on Tuesday.  I'm sure it will surface on this blog or youtube at least within the next few weeks.  There is just a lot of trimming to do. 

And that was Day 2 of the big trip to Mechanicville, New York.  Again. No disappointment. 

Utah Goes to New York

Ok, so I've been trying to decide how I was going to approach this recap of the big trip to Mechanicville, New York.  If I'd just do one big post with a thousand pictures and stuff, but I decided in the end I decided no one likes long blog posts, and there is so much to talk about that I would just take it day by day.  So today's will be relatively short since I didn't get into NY until about 6:30 Monday night.

After traveling all day, and nearly missing my connecting flight to Albany, I finally stepped off the plane one New York.  I was a ball of nerves despite talking to Alissa and Kelsey a thousand times on the internet, we were about to meet in real life, like HUG and stuff.  I walk out of the terminal and saw them standing to the side, kind of behind this tall dude and I just froze.  My jaw dropped like I was about to scream, but no noise came out.  I had only been waiting for this moment for like 10 months.  And I don't know about them, but it wasn't awkward in the slightest.  I felt like we had been real life friends this whole time and they were just picking me up for a dinner date.

We got my bag and got in Alissa's car.  She was careful to say at least 7 words to the ticket booth operator and as we pulled away, she screamed, "SHE LIVES!"  And at that moment I knew that flying across the country was not a mistake.

We hit up the Cheesecake Factory where I had some New York cheesecake and ate my weight in pasta.  We took Kelsey back to her car and Alissa showed me around Mechanicville even though it was night time and I couldn't really see.  I could see the houses and I was in love immediately.  There were so old and so full of personality.  There is nothing like that in Utah.  We went back to the house and I unpacked and had proper introductions with her cats: Nico, Tino and Moosh the Dueche.

After all that was said and done, it was nearly time to get Shay from the airport.  We headed back to Albany and sat in the waiting room in the airport with our noses pressed up against the window awaiting her arrival.  When her plane finally landed and we saw her walking towards us, we hid up against the wall next to the elevator, planning to jump out and scare her.  I leaned up against the elevator door when it opened suddenly causing me to lose balance and nearly blow my cover.  But I found my footing and waited for the exact moment when Shay walked past when I jumped out and yelled, "RAWR!"  Unfortunately, there was a girl in between Shay and me so she ended up getting the heat of the scare. And I felt really bad when she looked like I took ten years off her life.  But I got over it in a matter of a second or two because finally, we were all in the same room at the same time.  Where we took the first ever picture of us where we weren't separated by our computer screens and thousands of miles.

And that was day one.  Even though it was only a few hours, it was definitely a success.
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