I'm Not Allergic to Cats, but....

So I don't know if a lot of you remember Tom Selleck.  The cat that lived across the street from me in  Lindon and decided it wanted to live at my house for awhile?  And maybe I swayed that decision by feeding it turkey and imitation crab whenever she came over.  Well, sad story is I didn't see her for a couple months before we moved and I feared the worst.  That somehow Tom passed away.  She was a roamer, so I don't know if she got hit by a car or got lost... Something happened though and I was very sad about it for a long time.  I'm still sad about it.  I loved that cat.

ANYWAY.  I think Tom Selleck reincarnated and found me or something because on Saturday I was chilling on the couch, playing on my phone while Landon watched the BYU game on tv. All of the sudden Shadow ran behind the couch after Kenyon's cat and we heard the her hissing like she always does, but something was a little off about how Shadow was being persistent after this cat. Usually he gets bored after she swats at him a couple times.  Landon looked behind the couch and saw this orange cat laying by the door.  This orange cat was NOT Kenyon's cat.  We had never seen this cat before in our life, and here it was hanging out in our living room like it owned the place.

We didn't know what to do, so I walked over slowly to try to catch it.  And surprisingly enough it wasn't difficult, the cat just let me pick him up, no big deal.  I was expecting it to bite and claw at me, you know? So I didn't put it outside immediately, I love nice cats, I decided I'd let it sit on my lap for a few minutes.  Well, the cat started purring and purring and PURRING.  I was dying.  It was so sweet.  So I layed down and the cat curled up on my chest and passed out.  I actually got scared for a second, because when it fell asleep, it stopped purring and I thought it died or something.

We snuggled like this for a good hour just enjoying each other's company, while I silently plotted on how to convince my mother-in-law to let me keep this cat that probably belonged to a next door neighbor when suddenly my neck started to itch.  It wasn't anything big, just a little tickle, but over the coarse of the next twenty minutes, my neck and chest were COVERED in hives.  It was even made it's way on my face about up to my cheek bones.  My skin was extremely hot to the touch and it itched more than anything has ever itched in my LIFE.  (this picture doesn't nearly do the reaction justice.)

Now, you must know that I'm not allergic to anything.  Unless it's the air in Spring and Fall, I get a little sneezy, but I've never in my life broken out in hives like I did on Saturday.  And I still don't think that I was allergic to the cat, I think it was maybe out in some weeds or grass that irritated my skin.  Regardless, I had to put my brand new friend outside and lay in misery until the reaction went away. 

My next plan of action is to catch the cat again, give it a bath and snuggle it again.  And if I don't break out in hives from Hell, then we'll work on convincing my mother-in-law to adding yet another animal to the zoo we live in.


  1. If you survived in my house without getting hives, you are definitely NOT allergic to cats! That little bugger must've gotten into something, like you said.

    UM. Can we discuss how random animals just show up at/in your house? ALL THE TIME?

  2. womp womp. i am just impressed you got so close to the stray cat to begin with. pretty bold of you.

  3. A random cat visitor. I thought you were kidding on insta!! Too bad snuggle time ended up so awfully. :( I am allergic to cats and still like to cuddle with ours when he's in because he's just such a lover. It's the creation of coziness.

  4. I hope it was just a fluke, because you NEED that cat in your life in a very real way.

  5. It would be a shame if you’re allergic to the cat. You look so cute together. However, if that was the first time you had hives after getting in contact with a cat several times, then it’s probably a reaction to some other thing. It could be the grass where the cat lied down or maybe some mites on the cat’s fur. It’s best to keep track of your body’s reaction, though, just to be sure.

    Jessica Finley

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