It's Not Goodbye....It's Good Riddance, You Piece of Sh....

So according to instagram, it was about a year and a half ago when the ol Dakota broke down in the middle of the desert in 100+ degree weather.  I thought I was going to die of heat stroke that day.

 And ever since then, that truck has been nothing but trouble.  We had to get a whole new motor after that, then once that was fixed and thousands of dollars later, the transmission went out.  Had to get a refurbished one of those.  The windshield wipers only worked on the highest setting, the ac/heater only came out of the defrost vents, the check engine light refused to turn off and the four wheel drive crapped the bed.  More money was put into this lemon truck that what Landon originally bought it for.

Well, last night we washed our hands of it in the Harmon's parking lot in the middle of a harsh winter storm.  With cash in hand, we walked away without looking back.  Most people really bond with their vehicles like their another member of the family, but not this one.  This one was a money sucking vampire that smelled like stale cigarrettes.

I'm glad it's gone.
I'm so freaking glad.


  1. HAHA I've felt like that about a car before! They cause so many problems you are glad to see them go! Congrats???

  2. Girl, I know how you feel. When I trade this car in I will be doing the biggest happy dance.


    I hope you said that.

  4. Who's the guy in the jumper? Because he looks like he has an abnormally large body with an abnormally small head.

  5. all i can picture is you in a light sprinkle with the windshield wipers going a million miles a min!

  6. It was the title alone that had me rolling.

    you won't miss him at all?


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