Jogging Photography

You know on Yes Man where Zooey Deschanel teaches the jogging photography class?  I do that.  I mean, I don't teach, but I take Shadow jogging when I get home from work.  But it's probably not even considered exercise anymore because we are always stopping to take photos. I can't help it.  Going jogging in Heber is like jogging through a vacation home magazine.  For instance:

 or how about this:

and how could I resist this:

and after all the stopping to take pictures, I usually get a look like this from my running partner:

After my trip to NY, I had so much to talk about. But I'm back to the ol' grind where the most interesting thing I do on my week days is run with my dog down a rocky path, taking pictures while simultaneously trying not to break my ankle on a rock.  

But- here is what I'm looking forward to:  there are TWO ski resorts open already.  I'm not going to lie when I say that I'd rather ditch out on the last BYU home game and hit up some early slope-age.  Especially because we got a snow storm headed our way tonight.  I can't wait to live to ride again!
It's about time winter showed it's face around these mountains.


  1. but for reals. sunset jogs are the best for photo ops!

  2. We were supposed to get snow today. It didn't happen, and I was kind of bummed by that, simply for the lack of good Mountain snow.

    Fun fact: I ran to the llama farm 5 miles from my parents' house yesterday. That llama farm has been a high point in my life for 2 decades now. I was too busy trying to not die to take pictures, though. I could probably steal yours, and it would be a fairly accurate representation.

    Sometimes it shocks me the similarities in our lives. I love it.


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