One Day When You Get Married....

So the other day, I was in the bathroom doing my hair, shadow was laying on the floor with his head behind the toilet and Landon was next to me shaving or something.
Landon was just finishing up and started to walk out of the bathroom when Shadow got up to follow him. He almost got out the door when he stopped and started to eat something off the floor.  It was a bobby pin. I was like, "Shadow, stop!! Don't eat my bobby pins!" When I heard from the other room, "Do it Shadow! Eat them all!" And Landon reappeared around the corner and Shadow looked him in the eye as Landon said, "One day when you get married? You will find that your wife had a million bobby pins. And she leaves them EV-ERY-WHERRRRRE."

Another thing Landon didn't know about because he didn't have any sisters.


  1. Hahaha, that picture is priceless.

    I also leave a trail of bobby pins - do not feel bad! When I was still hanging out with You Know Who, he had a collection of them on his dresser.

    WE CAN'T HELP IT (right?) RIGHT.

  2. That's where Tegan sleeps since it's the coolest part of our bedroom. And bobby pins? Ha. Peyton even knew about it since the entire time he's known me we've lived together, but now he's trying to use the "it's not safe for the baby to have bobby pins everywhere" line. Whatever. Just makes him stronger.

  3. but why can i never find them one i need one then!!!!!!!?

  4. Aside from prudential stomach pumping issues, that husband does have a point. Bobby pound end up in the craziest of places!

  5. Soooo true. My husband had to fish a few bobby pins out of the dryer a while ago...

  6. Is that a standard poodle? Because my standard lays that exact same way in the bathroom! And a few weeks ago he stole SEVERAL of my hair bands off of my night stand. He then threw them up a few days later at 3 am. Oh dogs.


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