Things That Make Me Happy and Why

So, I'm TOTALLY copying Alissa's theme in posting about things that make me happy.  Because I have nothing else to talk about. So why not talk about things that make me smile? Here we go.

1. This song:

Because the other night I had it playing on my phone while we were driving down the canyon.  Landon and I weren't talking, we were just enjoying each other's company in silence when Landon reached over and took my hand and squeezed it.  Which means he was listening to the words and felt that way about me. It made me smile and probably made it my favorite song right now.

2. this game:

anyone reading this- go download it now, and friend me.  My username is whitneycalle.  It's got hundreds of quizzes for movies, celebrities, animals, food. You name it, there is probably a quiz for it.  It's SO addicting.  And you can challenge people to quizzes.  Landon and I have been play against each other all day.

3. Tom Hiddleston/Loki

I am SO Team Loki over here.  I have been the whole time.  And we saw Thor over the weekend and I  fell in love all over again.  Landon thinks I'm crazy.  But whatever.  THE HEART WANTS WHAT THE HEART WANTS!!

4. My new gold iPhone 5s.  Yeah.  It finally came last week.  I only had to wait two months for it, cursing Apple everyday it didn't show up on my door step.  But it is here and I love it more than my first born.  I can say that because I don't have a first born.  But don't be surprised if I stand by that statement after I do have a kid.

5. My family:

My cousin, the tall blonde kid back there just got home from his mission in Texas.  I haven't seen in TWO YEARS and we all got together to celebrate his homecoming on Sunday.  I love my family so much, they seriously are the best friends I have and they know my heart better than most.

I especially love my dad back there photo bombing.  Can't wait to hang out with them more over Thanksgiving.


  1. YOU PERSIAN, with your gold iPhone! I'm so jealous!!! Your dad photobombing in that picture is CRACKING ME UP. I can't even take it.


    1. haha all of the gold things! this makes my heart happy. almost as much as the goo goo dolls


    Kelsey called you a Persian and I giggled. GLAD YOUR PHONE FINALLY CAME.

    No worries stealing my GREAT IDEA. Now I have to go write mine for tomorrow.

  3. Why are all the cool games just for iPhones????? Booo.

    Great photobomb by your dad!

  4. A gold iPhone?!?! Lordy I'm out of touch. And jealous. Except that I've given in to cases, so I gueeessss I could make mine gold at any time...

  5. I was just about to mention your dad creeping in the background. Haha.

  6. YOUR DAD. He wins all the things.

    So when Avengers came out, my friend started a MASSIVE debate about who was the best looking one and she was team Hiddleston and we wouldn't agree with her because HE WAS NOT AN AVENGER OBVIOUSLY. But he is just too good, so good. I actually thought about being Loki for halloween but it was far too much effort.

  7. That family picture is AWESOME!!! I kind of want to copy Alissa, too, now...I've seen both your posts and kind of want to be a follower! :)

  8. I love QuizUp! Seriously, we should be friends! :)


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