Utah Goes to New York Day 4

So as you all remember, last Thursday was Halloween.  We made plans to go to this little farm where they had shops and a corn maze.  But unfortunately all of America (I swear) was in the midst of a monsoon.  We drove past it and decided we didn't want to go get lost in a maze in a down pour.  So we did the next best thing.  We went to Troy.  Or as the locals call it: The Troylet. They say it's super sketchy and you'll probably get shot or something there.  But Alissa kept us in the nicer side of town while we ran from boutique to boutique shopping for some Troy treasures.

I got the coolest earrings there and Alissa found herself some sexy, studded boots.  Also, I got a complimentary sticker that says, "Troyalty."  And the first day back to work, it made it's way onto my hard hat.  Nobody at work better forget that I'm legit Troyalty here.

And despite Troy's shady reputation, it still was beautiful with all the fall colors and the rain.  Oh, and it's home to the cutest little Italian bakery where I had my first ever canoli. Right?! Never had fried pickles OR a canoli before this trip?  How have I lived??  Doesn't matter.  I think I'd prefer my first tastes to be in New York anyway.  I think all food is better in New York.

We got back to Alissa's house in time to shower up and get ready for our little Halloween party over at Alissa's brother and sis-in-law's pad.  I had been pondering for weeks what I'd be for Halloween this year, well, more pondering what I'd be able to pack in my suitcase.  It was initially my mom's idea to be a giraffe, but I thought of the beanie baby idea.  I was Twigs the Giraffe. With totally natural eyelashes.

As for the rest of the party: Shay was Miranda Sings, Alissa was Theresa from Long Island Medium, Heather was a baseball player and Bridgette was an owl. I think.  Or a werewolf... Motley crew, right?

We had delicious food, conversation and company.  And I died watching Alissa answer the door to the trick-or-treaters and ask them ridiculous questions.  Like this kid came to the door with this big blue wig on and Alissa was like, "Is that your real hair?"  and the kids would just stare at her like, "No...? give me my candy..." I couldn't handle it.

I don't know if I'll ever have another Halloween be as great as that one.  Nor will I ever have a comfier costume.


  1. I was thinking about your Troyalty sticker on my way to work this morning...could not stop laughing at the snap chat you sent me the other day.

    You definitely won for most comfortable costume. I don't know how you don't sleep in that thing every night.

  2. TROYLET. You found a way to make it look beautiful!!! Was Bella Napoli the bakery you went to? There's another one of those DANGEROUSLY close to where I went to college. So much temptation.

    Not going to lie, I am kinda jealous of the Troyalty sticker.

    1. Yes, Bella Napoli.

      And I have a Troyalty sticker you can have. YER WELCOME.

  3. i would wear that outfit everywhere. sleep in it, work in it, lounge in it, all of it!

  4. I would go just for the Troyalty sticker. Maybe the cannoli, too.

    I love your costume. It looks like a giant snuggie.


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