Well, That Didn't Help...

So listen, Landon applied for health insurance from his work mmm....about three and a half weeks ago. And then about three weeks ago, he got really sick.  I thought maybe it was the flu or something.  Like he had a fever and really bad chills and he was coughing and had a super bad headache.  Well, all of that went away like two days later.  Except for the coughing.  The cough has persisted through the weeks and it's had me worried.  Especially because his health insurance hasn't kicked in yet so I can't take him to the doctor.  He has been showing a few of the symptoms of walking pneumonia. yikes, right?  Well, I took really good care of him over the last few weeks and didn't catch whatever he's got, but then we went to the BYU game Saturday afternoon in the freezing rain and snow and we both came back worse than when we left.

Landon says it was totally worth it.  I think that's the fever talking.  Meanwhile, I'm over here hacking up my lungs, cursing the bad weather and my immune system that finally failed after so much exposure.
But here is the new plan: I'm insured, so I'll just go and share whatever goods I get from the doctor with Landon.  hashtag loopholes.  In the meantime however, those Doterra Oils really hold their own.

Even though I'm burdened with sickness, my fingernails were in desperate need of a manicure, so I bucked up and painted them along with my mother in law's.  I'm really digging these ones.  And I'm super proud of myself for busting out the right hand as good if not better than my left one.

maybe I'll just quit college and go to cosmetology school.  That sounds like more fun anyway.


  1. hahaha if i even tried to paint my nails like that. it would look like a child got a hold of white out and a sharpie.

  2. Oh no-- hope everyone feels better soon! And that the insurance kicks in! Super cute nails, on the flip side :)

  3. Ahhhh feel better soon! Nail polish fumes totally help, so I hear.

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