Two Strikes and He's Out

So here we are yet again, with the neighbor's cat in my arms.  And yes, it's the one that I had a horrible reaction of hives to a couple weeks ago.  As you can see, I am taking precautionary measures here to not let the fur touch my skin. Well, shortly after Landon brought the cat in and dumped him in my lap, my eyes started to get itchy, so I handed him off to Landon's little cousin to put outside while I went to wash my hands and face.  Well, the cat started to make a weird sound and I dunno, she set the cat down or something.  And I was like, "Oh no, no no no.  Get the cat out." But it was too late.  The freaking cat regurgitated a half digested MOUSE. You guys.  I took one look and ran back into my room GAGGING.  I just sat on my floor, yelling for Landon, dry heaving and sort of laugh-crying.  Luckily Landon took care of it, after my body tried to rip itself inside out 13 or 14 times.  And the cat went back outside. PERMANENTLY.  Hives and digested mice are two strikes too many.

I'm so clearly not ready for kids. Or cats.

Christmas Break Moments

1. Christmas Eve with my family, opening presents from siblings, going to iHop for dinner, and playing games all night.
2. Our big Christmas party we held at our house. It was actually the Saturday before Christmas, but it was such a success, I couldn't count it out of my Christmas recap.
3. Christmas coma the night of.  We were crashed out on the couch surrounded by those we love and all the crap we gave each other to prove it.
4. the "I Love Loki" shirt Landon gave me made it to my top favorite gifts list.

5. I worked on Thursday and Friday, but there was literally nothing to do other than clean, so I only did a half day each day which meant I was home by one and back in my pjs cuddling with Shadow.
6. I've graduated from gel nails to acrylic. And I'm loving it.  Thinking of opening my own nail salon here in the basement. You know, really take over my in-law's house.
7. Spent the morning watching Kenyon race cross-country in Park City.  That kid is a champ.
8. After going to see The Secret Life of Walter Mitty (amazing film, go see it immediately) Sky, Landon and I went to Smash Burger where Skyler special ordered the most ridiculous hamburger you've ever seen.  The guy at the counter asked him if he wanted anything else, and when Skyler said no he was like, "Well, I'm going to give you a free drink because that is so freaking awesome." The burger was gone in five minutes flat.

9. After watching Kenyon cross-country ski like a mo-fo, I was so inspired and went out and bought my own season pass to Soldier Hollow even though I've never tried it before.
10. It is so SO difficult.  I knew before-hand that it would be completely physically taxing, but I didn't expect my 20 years of skiing experience to BARELY help me out AT ALL. Still though, so much fun.  I'm going to go all the time.
11. Mt. Timpanogos blew my mind this week. Every time I went outside I felt like I was taking another picture of it.  I try so hard not to take this place for granted.  I live in a magazine, I'm telling you.
12. Because it wouldn't be Christmas without a little Nog.

I hope you all had a great holiday and hopefully had a little time off as well.  Missed you guys, I'm excited to be back to blogging after my little vacation.

Merry Christmas!!

Ok, everyone.  I think that this is my goodbye and Merry Christmas post since I have next Monday-Thursday off work.  AKA I'll be sleeping in. AKA I won't be writing a blog post. :) You understand.  I just want you all to know that your friendship and support over this last year is the greatest gift I could ever receive.  I love you all so much and Landon and I wish you the merriest of Christmas'.

Christmas Decorations and Ex-Boyfriend Encounters

So I had invited my mom to come to the lights with us on Monday, but she had her horse back riding lesson and wasn't able to make it.  Both of us were super bummed because we wanted to hang out and enjoy the lights and each other's company.  So I decided to go home last night and have a mama-daughter date.  I wanted to take her to Frozen because she hadn't seen it and I've been dying to see it again.  I knew there was a new theater just South of her, but I didn't realize there was this massive mall that had popped up in the time I have lived away from home.  And it was decorated so Christmassy we totally forgot she hadn't been to Temple Square with us.
I mean, it was gorgeous.  They had this little ice rink and this pond that did a water show with all these colors and Christmas music.  I was seriously wishing I had brought a coat because I was freezing my butt off.  At one point I had climbed into the fire place to warm my fingers back up.
This was after, of course, I ran into an ex of mine.  Not just any ex though, MY FIRST KISS ex.  And I'm not good with past-boyfriends anyway.  I'm pretty sure my eyes bugged out of my head and I ran in the opposite direction after we made an extremely uncomfortable eye contact.  I mean, the last time we saw each other was back in high school, but it didn't end well... haha soooo awkward.  Classic me, I can't just say hi and move on, I have to go hide in a snow covered hedge.

Despite that horrible blast from the past, I had such a magical evening with my mom.  Sometimes I miss her so much I can't hardly stand it.  And living and hour and a half away from home doesn't make things easier.  I was so happy to be able to go goof around with her.


Ok, so I just had to share this with you guys.  My brother's best friend lives in Texas, but he flies out to Utah quite frequently and stays with my family.  We absolutely love him to DEATH.  He was here just after Thanksgiving for almost a week, he had to fly back to Texas for a couple days because he had a concert (he's a singer and a damn good one) but he was back in Utah right after.  On both of his flights in the last week or so, he has had some moments that he painted so hilariously on his Facebook statuses.  I laughed so hard, I needed to share it on my blog. This was the first time he flew back home:

 And if that wasn't fantastic enough, then comes the second attempt at flying back home to Texas:

And like a true gentleman, instead of complaining about his time on Southwest Airlines, he promotes them with a snarky #FlySouthwest.  And I can't say that my family wasn't delighted to have another day with him.
(tbt to blonde hair)

Temple Square at Christmas

So here in Utah, going to see the Christmas lights in Temple Square is like a must-do.  Despite the unbearable cold weather temperatures and the thousands of Mormons that come out of the wood-work. (I'm kidding, they're not that bad.)  The millions of lights that are strung across the sky and wrapped around every tree branch in sight make for such a magical sight and it's literally impossible not to feel the Christmas spirit.  f

Also- don't mind my whole "baby deer learning to stand" stance I've got going on there.  I have no idea what I'm doing.

Oh Hey, I'm Back!

So, even though I didn't post for half the week last week, I was only out of town Friday night, Saturday and Sunday.  I didn't have a lot to talk about.  But we went down the St. George for the weekend and that gave me some good content, I guess. :)  We went down to do kind of a early and quick Christmas with Landon's family.  Who now consists of not just the crazy dogs, but a new step-step nephew who I am in love with.  His name is Cade and this is only the second time I've ever met him, but he had Landon and me wrapped around his finger the entire night.  Don't worry, I'm not going to start popping out babies, but I did just about die when he told Landon what the difference between a skeleton and a human is.  Are you dying to know? Skeletons don't have noses or wieners. Mind. Blown.

Oh! And- this weekend was the maiden voyage of our new truck.  I freaking love that thing.  I don't know if I'll ever be able to go back to seats that don't heat or cool themselves on demand.  Landon wants to sell it in the spring and make a couple thousand bucks, but I don't think I want to say goodbye.
It was a great weekend, I love having family down South, it makes for a quick little get-a-way.  And we always have a great time.

The Whoville Tree

So check out this tree my step-father-in-law brought home, this sucker is like 16 or 17 feet tall:

I was up on the ten-foot ladder the other night trying to wrap the ribbon around the top.  I was maybe a step or two from the top of the ladder with nothing to hold on to when suddenly this beast of a tree started to tip over on me.  I don't think the base is big enough for a tree that size, and I definitely wasn't prepared for one to fall on my while I was balancing on a step ten feet up.
My mother-in-law was on the floor tying the other ribbon around the base when I realized it was falling over.  I had a mouth full of branches as I grabbed for the trunk and yelled for her help.  We stopped it just in time before I was knocked off the ladder to my imminent death, but I still had to figure out how to get down without letting it fall the rest of the way. I was able to help Sunny give it a good shove up against the wall so I could climb down, and we propped the ladder up against it until her husband got home to fix it.
Once everything was secured we were able to put the rest of the decorations back up.  But don't think that I got back up on the ladder to do anything more than hang a small ornament. I really didn't want that thing coming back down on me.  I was very proud of it though when we finished decorating it last night.  Sunny kept calling it a Whoville tree because of how big some of the ornaments were.  I love it.  We just can't let the cat know how much power she holds in her paws.  One swift swat at this tree could send the whole thing tumbling.  Ornaments and all...

Let it Snow!!

So snow came down hard core over the entire state of Utah this weekend.  Even down South where they aren't even remotely prepared with snow removal equipment and from what I heard from family and friends, the entire place was shut down.  My father-in-law posted photos of his palm trees weighted down by 3 or 4 inches of the white stuff.  Down there, it isn't so welcome- but up here the snow is celebrated.  Even when I have to drive down to Provo in it to get some Christmas shopping done.  Doesn't hardly make a difference when you have 4-wheel drive.  I'm hoping to get some time on the slopes sometime in the near future.  We didn't get passes again this season due to "insufficient funds" but I'll get up there at some point.  And until I do....?

Getting in the Spirit

So it's already a week into December and I have just not been feeling the Christmas spirit.  Even with the snow storm that passed through and the 20 below zero temperatures I wake up to.  So finally I decided to take Alissa's advice and "STAWWWP BEING A GRINCH." And the best way I could think of to do that was to finally put up our Christmas tree.  We live at my in-law's as you know and all of our things are packed away in the rafters of the garage. So I had to get out my flashlight, climb twenty feet up and walk foot in front of foot on the beams and pray to the good God in heaven that I wouldn't fall through the ceiling and paralyze myself.  I got everything and hauled it back down to the basement put the tree together, started a fire in the stove and was feeling a little burned out at that point.  So I took a shower, put on my hoodie that still has it's tags on it because I'm not sure if I want to keep it yet (very Mean Girls, I know) applied very little make up and tried to straighten my hair while it was still damp.  All in preparation to make my tree decorating experience more enjoyable.

well, it worked for the most part.  It helped that Shadow was there to give me his expert opinions on ornament placement. And lucky you, we filmed it and put it to Christmas music that would make Dwight Schrute proud.  So here you go Alissa.  I "STAWWWPPED BEING A GRINCH."


I went to on a date to see Frozen with Landon and his brother last night.  In freezing temperatures.  But at least the blizzard has stopped and we are only left with ice and snow on the ground.

But enough about the weather around here.  Let's talk about THAT MOVIE.  Best movie I've seen in 2013.  And I swear, I've seen 'em all this year.  It seems like yesterday I was head over heels for Tangled, but Frozen has swooped in and stolen my heart.  It had a great story, lots of twists, great music- can you say Idina Menzel?  And who knew Kristen Bell had pipes like that!  But where I really get hung up is the immaculate detail in which this movie was animated.  How you can tell that every snowflake is truly different.  How you can see STRANDS OF HAIR on the characters. Their eyelashes and eyebrows aren't just streaks of color, they are so realistic.  And the ice castle that is constructed (really trying hard not to be cliche here) gave me chills. Go see this one you guys.  Forget Catching Fire for two seconds and let your hearts be uplifted by this sweet, and visually life changing movie.

Snow Protocol

So it snowed here yesterday. Like hardcore blizzard. I went through an entire bag of ice melt and shoveled our walk ways probably four times yesterday. That's not the problem though. 

The problem is that a lot of people in Utah tend to FORGET that it snows here in the winter. And along with that they forget how to DRIVE in the snow. There were 304 accidents yesterday. THREE HUNDRED AND FOUR. Yeah, it was snowing hard, and the roads were insanely icy and car wrecks are expected but 304 accidents is ridiculous. So I figured I'd type up a list of basic "driving in the snow" tips that are guaranteed to prevent probably 40% of the crashes that happened yesterday.

2. I know you just slowed down, but slow down some more.
3. This is for "Mr. Important," we are all late for work, but seriously SLOOOW DOOOWWWN.
4. If you are going up a hill and the people in front of you are sliding or stuck? Don't go around them because you are probably going to slide or get stuck, or even hit the people you were trying to pass.
5. Don't drive distracted. That's a everyday rule, but there is no room for slamming on your breaks because you didn't notice someone merge infront of you because you were dialing your husband's phone number. 
6. Let's take it back to sophomore year in driver's ed. Keep your hands at 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock. You will have the most control over your vehicle that way and if you start sliding, you'll have that advantage at least.
7. Don't tailgate. For real, that's douchey anyways, but it's your fault if you hit someone. And it's still your fault if you get hit behind causing you to hit the person you were tailing.
8. If you're going slower than everyone else then MOVE OVER. 
9. Clean the snow off your windows. I can't stand it when I see cars with only their windshield and driver's side window cleared. You're just begging for an accident at that point. Also it's super douchey when all the snow flies off your car and blasts the car behind you. 
10. Give yourself double the amount of time it usually takes you to get where you need to go. That way you're not stressed and you can be safe. If you have a long, icy commute like I do, just let your boss know that you'll get there when you get there. Nobody wants anyone hurt and I promise they'll work with you.

And if you can't at least make an effort to do this stuff? Don't drive. Or move to the west coast. 


Thanksgiving Day: golfing, eating, playing, sleeping.

Sunny St. George: cloudless, perfect skies.

Family: Always there for each other.

 Three generations: where the crazy runs through the blood lines.

Great Grandma June:  the sassiest 94 year old lady you'll ever meet.  And one hell of a drum player.

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