Ok, so I just had to share this with you guys.  My brother's best friend lives in Texas, but he flies out to Utah quite frequently and stays with my family.  We absolutely love him to DEATH.  He was here just after Thanksgiving for almost a week, he had to fly back to Texas for a couple days because he had a concert (he's a singer and a damn good one) but he was back in Utah right after.  On both of his flights in the last week or so, he has had some moments that he painted so hilariously on his Facebook statuses.  I laughed so hard, I needed to share it on my blog. This was the first time he flew back home:

 And if that wasn't fantastic enough, then comes the second attempt at flying back home to Texas:

And like a true gentleman, instead of complaining about his time on Southwest Airlines, he promotes them with a snarky #FlySouthwest.  And I can't say that my family wasn't delighted to have another day with him.
(tbt to blonde hair)


  1. I like how many times he says "off" in that second status. I would've thrown myself to the ground and tried to disappear. THAT'S SCARY.

    Remind me not to #FlySouthwest when I come visit!

  2. THIS IS HILARIOUS. He sounds like so much fun!!! SOUTHWEST 4 LYFE

  3. holy crap. thats hilarious. Scary, but hilarious.

  4. 'but i did feel free to roam about the cabin after that' I DIE! too funny

  5. These are absolutely hilarious. I can't believe the door fell OFF!! Or that a flight attendant randomly kissed him!! If things like this would happen to me, I'd have a lot more to blog about, that's for sure. Maybe he needs to start a blog...???

  6. OFF? Insane. Scary and hilarious and insane.

    Southwest flight attendants are always a little crazy!

  7. It was him who got kissed! I saw you post this on Pinterest, and as much as I wanted to believe it, sometimes you gotta take Pinterest with a bit of salt. But it was real! Ah. So great.


    The flight attendant kissed him?!?!?!?


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