I went to on a date to see Frozen with Landon and his brother last night.  In freezing temperatures.  But at least the blizzard has stopped and we are only left with ice and snow on the ground.

But enough about the weather around here.  Let's talk about THAT MOVIE.  Best movie I've seen in 2013.  And I swear, I've seen 'em all this year.  It seems like yesterday I was head over heels for Tangled, but Frozen has swooped in and stolen my heart.  It had a great story, lots of twists, great music- can you say Idina Menzel?  And who knew Kristen Bell had pipes like that!  But where I really get hung up is the immaculate detail in which this movie was animated.  How you can tell that every snowflake is truly different.  How you can see STRANDS OF HAIR on the characters. Their eyelashes and eyebrows aren't just streaks of color, they are so realistic.  And the ice castle that is constructed (really trying hard not to be cliche here) gave me chills. Go see this one you guys.  Forget Catching Fire for two seconds and let your hearts be uplifted by this sweet, and visually life changing movie.


  1. OH my gosh Landon's brother is such a little cutie!! I want to see that movie. This is one of those times when having 1000 younger cousins comes in handy.

  2. I'm so out of the loop...I have no idea what Frozen is.

    And Catching Fire? Never heard of it...

  3. ahhhh i want to see this !!!! like i was just telling brad i needed to go see it

  4. i saw that too with my daughter!! olaf totally stole the show, don't you think?

    Vodka and Soda

  5. aw this looks like a perfect Christmas movie


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