Getting in the Spirit

So it's already a week into December and I have just not been feeling the Christmas spirit.  Even with the snow storm that passed through and the 20 below zero temperatures I wake up to.  So finally I decided to take Alissa's advice and "STAWWWP BEING A GRINCH." And the best way I could think of to do that was to finally put up our Christmas tree.  We live at my in-law's as you know and all of our things are packed away in the rafters of the garage. So I had to get out my flashlight, climb twenty feet up and walk foot in front of foot on the beams and pray to the good God in heaven that I wouldn't fall through the ceiling and paralyze myself.  I got everything and hauled it back down to the basement put the tree together, started a fire in the stove and was feeling a little burned out at that point.  So I took a shower, put on my hoodie that still has it's tags on it because I'm not sure if I want to keep it yet (very Mean Girls, I know) applied very little make up and tried to straighten my hair while it was still damp.  All in preparation to make my tree decorating experience more enjoyable.

well, it worked for the most part.  It helped that Shadow was there to give me his expert opinions on ornament placement. And lucky you, we filmed it and put it to Christmas music that would make Dwight Schrute proud.  So here you go Alissa.  I "STAWWWPPED BEING A GRINCH."


  1. HAHAHAH the ending caption CRACKED ME UP. That video was adorable!


  2. This video makes me miss you so much!

    Thanks for not being a Grinch anymore - your tree looks great. And cmon, that basement is BEGGING to be decorated for Christmas!

  3. I can't watch your video because I left my ear buds at home, but yay for decorating trees! It always helps the Christmas spirit :)

  4. merry christmas bitches!!!! LOVE THIS and the dancing dog.

  5. Hahaha you are adorable. Just found your blog, I'll be back =)


  6. Nice. I was half expecting "Little Drummer Boy" when you mentioned Dwight Schrute, but this is also very Schrute-Christmas appropriate. Props.


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